Never Say Forever

The next day, a Sunday, Kaleah woke up feeling better than ever. She felt happy, energized, and at ease. After the events of the prior day, she was excited to be awake and ready to face the day. Sam had made her feel so much better and now, knowing that she has such a tighter bond with her roommate, she feels like she finally belongs somewhere in this town. She got up, got ready for the day, and instantly went outside on the balcony to paint. Her new-found enlightenment gave her inspiration to hopefully paint her biggest masterpiece yet. 

She painted for over an hour when all of a sudden, the tip of her favourite paintbrush snapped off.

“Ugh! You got to be kidding me!” Kaleah whined. She dug through her box of paintbrushes to look for one that was the same size as the one she had just broke. She couldn’t find one. She inspected the tip and realized that if she could find duct tape, she could just tape the tip back on until she goes out to buy a new brush. She went inside to search for tape. 


The first place she thought to look was the kitchen. When she walked down the stairs, the smell of eggs and oranges filled the entire floor. She could hear the stove going and dishes clanging. She slowly approached the kitchen.
“Sam? What are you doing?” She asked at the strange site of him cooking.
“I’m attempting to cook waffles…” He laughed. “So far, it’s not going so well.” Kaleah giggled.
“Why are you making waffles?” Kaleah asked, confused.
“Well since you cooked some fabulous macaroni and cheese last night, I thought it was only fair that I cooked you breakfast.” Sam laughed at the memory of Kaleah’s simple meal.
“Well, that’s thoughtful!” Kaleah chirped.
“Not really…so far, I’ve burnt every batch. I’m not a great cook…” Sam complained.
“I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” Kaleah praised. “Do you happen to have any duct tape lying around the house?” Kaleah asked. Sam thought for a second and checked in the junk drawer beside the sink. He pointed to the stairs.
“Go down in my room. In the drawer on my right-hand night stand, there is some duct tape.” He directed.
“Okay, thank you.” Kaleah headed downstairs. 

Kaleah had never been in Sam’s room yet…in fact, she’d never even seen it through the door or anything. She cautiously walked inside, expecting a messy, smelly guy room. When she took a step in, it was nothing like she expected. His room was clean, organized, and appeared to have not a single speck of dust. His furniture was modern, unlike the condition the house was in when she moved in. What she found most intriguing about the entire room was a massive painting hanging on the wall. ‘Wow…’ She thought. ‘He’s got a good taste in art!’ Surprised at this discovery, she walked over to the night stand.  

 She approached the nightstand, where two framed photos stood. In one photo, the smaller one, there was a man—bald, white, and very sick looking. Kaleah assumed it was Sam’s father. In the other photo, the bigger one, there was a scene—it appeared to be a living room or a lounge. There was a beautiful fireplace, a nicely decorated bookshelf, and a simple, yet elegant, throw rug. Standing in the center of the rug was that same bald man and a little boy…Kaleah assumed that the boy was Sam. They were hugging, and the boy looked very sad. The last thing Kaleah noticed was that there was a very different couch sticking out like a sore thumb in the room. Kaleah gasped. The couch that was in the photograph was the ugly, tattered up, red and white striped couch that Kaleah had sent away to the dump on her first day here. ‘Oh my god! He did say that it was his favourite piece…oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! What have I done?!’ Kaleah panicked to herself.

Kaleah didn’t even both looking in the drawer for the tape. She snatched the photo out of the frame and quickly ran upstairs. She didn’t even stop running to explain to Sam where she was going.
“There was no tape…can’t talk…be back soon!” Kaleah managed to say before running through the front door.
“Kaleah!” Sam hollered after her. “Breakfast is almost ready!” By the time he finished what he was saying, Kaleah was already in her car, speeding away.  

Sam grew very confused. ‘How can someone need tape so badly?’ He asked himself. He looked up at the clock. It was 11 in the morning and Sam had been cooking since 9:30, trying to perfect his mother’s old special waffle recipe unsuccessfully. He felt kind of hurt that Kaleah would just run out like that, knowing Sam was cooking breakfast for her. He sighed to himself. ‘I could always save some for her…’ He thought, getting back to his cooking. 

Sam sat down to eat his waffles. He made a plate for Kaleah, and set it down at the seat next to his. He waited for 10 minutes before he dug into his breakfast, thinking it would be best to wait to see if she came home. He couldn’t hold off any longer, so he dug in, looking up out the window every few seconds to see if Kaleah was pulling up in the driveway.  

He got up to clear his plate. He loaded it in the dishwasher and wrapped up the rest of the waffles he made. ‘Man, I made enough for a small family…’ He laughed to himself. He sat back down at his seat, staring out the window to watch for Kaleah. After about 20 minutes of waiting, he eventually got up and cleared the plate he left out for her.

He paced around in the kitchen for a few minutes before retiring into the den. He turned on his computer and tried to distract himself with videos on SimTube. Normally, he would be laughing hysterically at the videos people made, as this was his favourite past time activity. Unfortunately, he couldn’t bring himself to laugh at anything with the pain of Kaleah leaving when he made her breakfast clogging his mind. He closed the internet and decided to check his chat. 

From the past 24 hours, Sam’s chat was clogged with messages from Tyler.

Saturday, 1:00PM
TerribleTyTy: Sam, you there? We really need to talk…

Saturday, 1:05PM
TerribleTyTy: Sam! Please…I’m really sorry, dude.

Saturday, 1:16PM

TerribleTyTy: I guess you’ll forgive me when you’re ready…

Saturday, 2:01PM
TerribleTyTy: Sam, this is so unfair! I can’t handle knowing that we aren’t talking! You’re my best friend!

Saturday, 2:05PM

TerribleTyTy: Sam?

Saturday, 3:59PM

TerribleTyTy: If I call you, will you answer?

Saturday, 4:01PM

TerribleTyTy: I’m going to call you…

Saturday, 6:30PM

TerribleTyTy: Wow…you won’t even pick up my calls. This is bogus! I just want to explain!

There were about fifteen more of these annoying messages. Sam scrolled to the bottom and clicked on the message box. He looked down at his keyboard.

Samson_Hero909: Look…

He started typing, but froze when he tried to type anymore. He stared at his fingers which were hovering over the keys. He didn’t know what to say. He looked at his contacts list and noticed that Tyler was online.

TerribleTyTy: I can see that you’re typing something…

He sent, reading the bottom of the chatbox that said ‘Samson_Hero909 is typing…’. Sam quickly erased the beginning of his message, deleted Tyler off of his contacts list and signed off.


He looked at his watch, which read 12:13PM. Sam decided that, while he waited, he was going to outside and lay by the pool. He went downstairs to change and headed outside, straight for the hammock. With one yawn, Sam decided that he was tired enough to take a nap, thinking that the sound of Kaleah’s car pulling up beside him on the driveway will wake him up.  

Sam woke up three hours later. He glared at his watch and figured that Kaleah had to be home by now. He quickly got out of the hammock, almost falling over as he did, and ran straight to look over the hedges. To his disappointment, Kaleah’s Audi was still missing from the driveway. He sighed, shook his head, and made his way inside.  

He tried to distract himself for hours. He watched a couple fishing shows, attempted to play his guitar, and indulged himself in a one-man game of foosball. ‘She’s been gone way too long…’ He thought to himself, remembering the last time this happened when she first met Hank.  

He felt his pocket vibrate as a call started to come through, instantly, he thought it was Kaleah and reached for his phone quickly. To his dismay, it was just Tyler again. He watched the screen flash as it kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing and finally let Tyler go to voicemail. After a few seconds, his voicemail alert came on. Sam checked it.

“Hey Sam, it’s me…Tyler, in case you forgot. I saw you trying to say something earlier on the chat, but then you suddenly signed off. I’m assuming your internet connection gave out or something, so if you just want to call me back and let me know what you tried to say, that’d be great. Thanks.”

Sam deleted the voicemail before scrolling through his contacts list. He scrolled down to Tyler and went into options. From there, he blocked Tyler’s number and deleted his contact ID from his phone. Smiling, he put his phone back in his pocket and headed upstairs.


Sam went back upstairs to see if Kaleah had come home without him noticing. No such luck. He looked out the window and noticed it was starting to get dark. ‘It’s already 7:30!’ Sam thought to himself. ‘Something’s going on….’ Sam turned around and fished out his cell phone again to call Kaleah. Right when he was about to send the call, the doorbell rang.  

Sam looked through the stained glass and saw a large, dark haired silhouette of a woman standing on the other side of the door. It was his landlord…Jacosta. Sam cautiously opened the door.
“H…hey, Jacosta!” Sam faked a smile. “Fancy seeing you here this late…”
“Mr. Fairchild, let’s cut to the chase. You know why I’m here…” Jacosta was a very uptight woman.
“Yeah, I do know why you are here…but listen, Kaleah left pretty early this morning and I was going to ask her for her half of the rent today, but she took off so suddenly and hasn’t been home since. Can I drop it off tomorrow on my way to work?” Sam hesitated, waiting for his obnoxious landlord’s reaction. She started going red and pursing her lips. 

“You…are trying to tell me…that you’re rent is…LATE!?” She snapped. “Samson Fairchild, you know that I very much dislike tardiness and tardiness is NOT tolerated in my world.” Jocasta hollered.
“I know! I know! Look…I will have this month’s rent and next month’s rent to you by tomorrow…I promise!” Sam grew frightened of the woman’s rage.
“You better, Mr. Fairchild! Or else all hell will break loose.” Jacosta turned to face the stairs. “And next time, let little Ms. Priss who so conveniently disappeared for an entire day know a day in advance when rent is due!” She preceded down the steps.  

He watched his landlord walk away, with the words conveniently disappeared for the entire day stuck in his head. He looked down both ends of the street, and nobody was in sight. Finally, he decided to go looking for her.  

Sam ran all around the neighbourhood, calling her name and asking random passerby’s if they had seen her. He was having terrible luck, but had no intentions of giving up. He was genuinely worried about her, by this point. Not at who she was meeting/befriending, but at her safety.  

“Good, he’s not home!” Kaleah said when she finally returned to the house. “You go get everything and I will make room for it!”
“Kaleah, I didn’t sign up for this…” The weird, fat man explained.
“You wanted to spend the evening with me…well this is what we’re doing this evening. Now chop chop! I don’t know when he’ll be home!” Kaleah quickly turned and ran inside the house.  

“We did a fabulous job!” The man said, looking around the room when they were finished with the spontaneous redecorating.
We?” Kaleah asked. She had clearly done all of the work herself...the man merely brought the couch in through the front door.
“I did, indeed, help! Don’t try to say that I didn’t!” Kaleah laughed…not because she thought what the man said was funny, but because she thought he was ridiculous. She grew excited when she heard footsteps walking up the front porch stairs. 

“KALEAH!?” Sam yelled as soon as he walked in the house. “KALEAH, I KNOW YOU’RE HOME! YOUR CAR IS OUTSIDE!”
“Hey…” Kaleah smiled as Sam turned his attention to the newly decorated front sitting room.
“Hello there, young man. I’m Mortimer…My last name is unimportant to you. I, as you can probably tell, helped arrange this entire thing.” The man smiled, crossing his legs. He spoke as if he was trying to be British…without the accent.
“Kaleah, what the…how did you…who’s the…um….” Sam was at a loss of word. Kaleah was proud.
“Do you like it?” She asked.
“How did you get it back?” Sam said, ignoring her question. He was referring to the couch. “And it’s in perfect condition!”
“Mortimer, here, runs the junk yard…he tends to save pieces of value that get dumped off there. He thought that this was something of value and when I went to the junk yard today, he told me he saved it in his garage. I followed him, took it to a tailor, got it fixed up, and brought it back home.” Kaleah explained.
“Wow, Kaleah. Thank you! This really means…” Sam looked up at the picture hanging on the wall. The sight of it made him stop talking immediately. He stared at it, as if it were the most beautiful thing in the world. He slowly walked towards it.  

He stared at it in awe. He grazed his finger along the wood, he traced the outline of the engraved fish…he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  

“So…” Kaleah spoke softly, standing up from the couch. “What do you think?” Sam stood in silence, unable to put words into sentences. He would’ve cried right then and there if he could’ve. He turned and walked towards Kaleah. 

He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him, embracing her into the most heated hug they’ve ever given each other. He whispered in her ear,
Thank you.” Kaleah closed her eyes and smiled, feeling the appreciation in Sam’s voice.  

“I love it. Seriously…” Sam said as he pulled away. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better in my entire life.” 

“How did you even manage to get it?” Sam asked. He heard Mortimer grumble from his seat.
“Imbeciles…” He prodigiously said to himself. Sam turned his attention back over to the man he found to be so strange.
“Excuse me? Did you say something?” He asked him. Mortimer stood up and walked around the coffee table. 

“No, I did not say anything to you…” He said, getting closer to Sam. “I was saying it to myself, and when I have a conversation with myself, it is nobody else's business.” Kaleah held back from laughing. Sam sarcastically grazed his chin. When he responded, he mocked Mortimer’s speech.
“Yes…well…I indubitably disagree as in which if you, indeed, did not want it to be anybody else’s business then perhaps…you shouldn’t have spoken to yourself so…oh, how do I word it…loudly.” Kaleah couldn’t hold it in any longer—she burst out laughing at Sam’s impression. Mortimer jerked his head at her and glared, causing her to stop instantly.

“I’ll have you know…” He began, “…that I was, in fact, referring to that god-awful photograph that caused you to fall so madly in love with the woman that I am on a date with at this time.”
“That photograph happens to be a framed picture of my dead father fishing when he was 18 years old.” Sam said, turning back to the picture. “It hung in my father’s bedroom for years and when he died, all of his stuff got thrown away by his brothers. I thought this picture was gone forever.” Sam looked at Kaleah.
“I saw this picture…” Kaleah handed him the picture she stole from his nightstand, “…and I brought it to the first family member I could find of yours. Your uncle had this. He said he hasn't seen or spoken to you since your father passed and I was welcome to have it. I showed him the picture and told him what I did to the couch and how I was trying to get it back and asked him if he had anything else of your father’s lying around that he’d be willing to part with. I was shocked at how easy it was to get this particular item from him.” Kaleah smiled. Sam mirrored her expression, and put the picture Kaleah handed to him into his back pocket as he turned back to face Mortimer. 

Mortimer was shaking his head in disbelief.
“What?” Sam asked, confused.
“You really think I’m stupid, don’t you?” Mortimer said.
“Yeah, actually, I do. You’re stupid for thinking you are actually on a date with this woman. You’re stupid for coming into my home, sitting on my couch and speaking to my roommate.”
“Sam…” Kaleah knew Sam’s temper, and was worried that it would turn into a re-enactment of that night with Hank. “Don’t…”
“You think I’m stupid?” Mortimer laughed. “I’m not stupid enough to realize that you are in love with ‘your’ roommate.”
“He’s not in love with me, Mortimer. We’re friends.” Kaleah said.
“Yeah, Mortimer. Friends. Friends who happen to care about each other. Friends who happen to care about each other enough to do things like what Kaleah had done for me tonight.” Sam was really starting to get angry. “I suggest you leave now.” He said through his teeth. 

“Oh, but I don’t leave a date without a goodnight kiss.” Mortimer said, directed at Kaleah. Sam had heard enough and grabbed the man by his collar.
“You leave now…” He said, inches away from his face, “…Or I’ll beat the living crap out of you!” Mortimer pulled away and straightened out his collar.
“Alright. But mark my words, boy. I’m a man of wealth, and wealth means power and power means women. I will get a second date….mark my words, boy.” Mortimer turned and started to walk away as Sam grew even angrier.
“Calm down, Sam.” Kaleah said quietly. “Let him leave…don’t make it worse!” Sam started deep breathing. When Mortimer finally walked out the front door, Sam turned to face Kaleah, who had walked closer to him. 

“Please, please, pa-lease don’t tell me he’s your next victim.” Sam joked. “First Hank, then Tyler...and now him? You really suck at this whole dating thing!”
“Hey! In my defence, I’m powerless against the wealthy with fake accents.” Kaleah joked back. The two laughed for a few short seconds. “In all seriousness, though, it was the only way I could convince him to sell me back the couch. I had to give him a date in order to get it back.”
“Okay, good. Next time you feel like dating though, please let me know and I will set you up with a normal human being.” Sam teased. Kaleah playfully slapped his arm and walked to sit back on the couch.
“Come. Sit.” Kaleah said, rubbing the spot next to her. Sam obeyed. 

When he sat down, he automatically put his arm around Kaleah. Kaleah, unsure why it felt so comfortable, nestled her body close to Sam’s.
“Thanks, again.” Sam softly spoke in Kaleah’s ear. “This is…amazing. Truly amazing. You went through hell, I bet, with that Mortimer dude to get this back here and I really appreciate it.”
“You going to tell me the significance it has with your father?” Kaleah asked. She noticed his confused expression. “I noticed the couch in that picture I stole from your nightstand. I just assumed that it was you and your father.”
“My dad had that couch since he was a teenager. There was really nothing special about it, besides the fact that me and my dad used to sit in it in his lounge while cozying up to a book and a fire. When my dad passed, like I said, all of my dad’s belongings got thrown out…by, of course, my uncles. This was the only thing my mom could manage to keep safe. When she went to jail, I kept it. It makes me feel like….” Sam thought for a moment. “…like my dad is still around. When I see this couch, he’s the first thing that comes to my mind and the memories are all I have left of him. It’s comforting.” Kaleah smiled at his heart warming story.
“I’m sorry I threw it out in the first place. You should’ve told me how important it was to you!” She accused.
“I barely knew you! I had no intentions of getting to know you, remember?” Sam teased. Kaleah nodded.
“I remember.” She yawned. “Oh my goodness…today really took a lot out of me, Sam! I’m going to head to bed.” 

“Alright, have a good sleep!” Sam said. “Oh! Before I forget, I need your rent check tomorrow for two month’s worth of rent. The landlord came by and was about to evict us for not having the rent in on time…”
“You never told me rent was due!” Kaleah exclaimed.
“I was planning to, but you disappeared for the whole day!” Sam responded.
“Oh, alright. You win. I’ll write it out tomorrow. Good night!” Kaleah headed up towards the stairs, leaving Sam alone. 

He stared up at the picture of his young father, and ran his hand over the freshly-tailored fabric of the couch. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, taking in the feeling of having his dad with him once again. 

Tyler had given up for the night on trying to get a hold of Sam, deciding it was pretty much a lost cause. The next morning, Tyler woke up to his doorbell ringing over and over again. Assuming it was Sam, he quickly got out of bed and ran down the stairs.
“I’m coming, Sam!” He hollered as the guest rang the bell again.  

When he got to the bottom of the stairs, it wasn’t Sam he saw through the glass of his French doors. It was a red headed woman, with a smoking-hot body.
“Oh…my….god….” Tyler’s jaw dropped. “God has answered my prayer!” He joked, slowly approaching the door.  

“Hey. Can I help you?” Tyler asked, joining the ginger beauty out on his balcony.
“Tyler…” the woman spoke. Tyler lowered his eyebrows.
“I’m sorry…I don’t think we’ve met,” He said, confused.
Tyler…it’s me…” she said again. 

Tyler took a step back and looked the woman up and down. Finally, after studying her face a little longer, he gasped.

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