Never Say Forever

“Oh my goodness…this is your house?” Kaleah asked once they finally arrived at Tyrell’s place. She analyzed every piece of the building and gawked over the beautiful landscaping.
“Not the whole building…I live only in this half. It’s a duplex.” Tyrell said proudly, heading towards the front door.
“Still…for a duplex, this place is amazing! You live here all by yourself?” Kaleah asked.
“Yes. I tried having roommates before…male ones. It doesn’t really work out.” Tyrell sighed. “This is sort of embarrassing, but I’m sort of feminine in the sense that I like to keep a clean, well-organized, well decorated home. Most men found it creepy and moved out merely weeks after they moved in.”
“Aw that’s okay…” Kaleah said, looking at Tyrell questioningly. “Just to clear things up…you are straight, right?”
“Oh my god…how embarrassing. You think I’m straight!” Tyrell joked. “You know, I was going to refrain, but that top totally clashes with those shoes, missy. Can you say, fashion disaster!?” Kaleah laughed so hard at his imitation of a gay guy, that tears began to fill her eyes. Tyrell grunted a few times before saying, “But in all seriousness, I am straight.” 

Tyrell lead Kaleah into his house, and Kaleah was just as amazed as she was outside.
“You sure were kidding about keeping a clean, well-organized, well decorated home!” She exclaimed.
“You’re free to run if you think it’s creepy.” Tyrell teased. Kaleah smiled a she jerked her head from side to side, checking out all of the decorations Tyrell had laying around his kitchen. 

“Alright…” Tyrell sighed before turning to face Kaleah. “I have a laundry to switch over and go grab my guitar. If you want to meet me upstairs in my lounge, there should be an extra guitar already up there.”
“You’re lounge?” Kaleah giggled.
“It’s the extra bedroom. I just use it as my lounge. Anyways, it’s up the stairs and down the hall. It will be the first door on your left. It’s a green room, so if you enter a room any other color than green, then you’re not in the right room.” Tyrell smiled at his awesome instructions. 

ay, but if I get lost then I get to hurt you.” Kaleah joked as she walked past him to go up the stairs. She still couldn’t get over that this was a man’s house. The day she moved in with Sam, it was a disaster! And Sam is a pretty well-kept guy. Tyrell totally blew Kaleah away…definitely not a typical man.  

 She found Tyrell’s lounge on her first try. When she walked in, only more amazement filled her body. The room was seriously organized, and every piece of furniture and decoration seemed to fit together perfectly. She walked over to the window.

“Amazing view, huh?” Tyrell startled Kaleah as he snuck up behind her. She was staring out the window—past the water—at the lighthouse she remembered watching so many weeks ago with Hank. She thought that this memory would hurt her, but instead it made her excited. She was finally making the old, bad memories into good memories by experiencing them with other people.
“It’s gorgeous. I wish I could afford a place on the bluffs. I could only imagine waking up every morning, and painting to this view.” Kaleah finally broke her gaze from the outside world and turned to face Tyrell. 

“You paint?” Tyrell asked. Kaleah nodded slowly.
“I also write.” She smiled. Tyrell giggled.
“Like I said…you never cease to amaze me—so full of surprises.” He picked up his guitar and moved to the other side of the room, marking the beginning of the lesson. 

“To begin, I’m going to play you the most basic song you can play on the acoustic. I want you to listen to it, study my fingers, study my body language, and then try and repeat it.” Tyrell instructed. Kaleah nodded and watched intently as Tyrell began to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Kaleah couldn’t help but to giggle as Tyrell sang softly along to the cords.  

When Tyrell finally finished and put his guitar down at his side, Kaleah took that as her instructions to play back. She picked up the extra guitar that was perfectly on its stand next to her, and started to play the way she thought Tyrell was playing.
“It helps if you sing the notes along with playing the cords.” Tyrell hollered over her song. Kaleah hummed the notes instead of singing them, as she felt silly to sing a child’s song. Tyrell put his guitar down and walked closer to Kaleah, studying the motion of her fingers and following along. 

“Stop for a second.” Tyrell said, as he approached her even closer. Kaleah could feel the warmth of his breath on her chest as he watched his hands move over hers. She felt a tingling sensation run throughout her entire body as his fingers wrapped around hers and their skin rubbing against each other. The tension grew intense, and neither Kaleah or Tyrell could handle it. 

Tyrell wrapped his hand entirely around Kaleah’s, causing her to let go of the guitar and put it back down. He grabbed her other hand and stared into her eyes. Kaleah wanted him to kiss her—to sweep her off her feet like he already was doing. But she quickly recalled the events that recently occurred with Hank and Tyler, and she knew it would be a good idea to say something.
“Look…” She began, slowly prying her small hands out of his.
“I’m sorry…I just figured…I mean, every time we get close, there’s this tension between us and I thought that…I thought you felt the same as me and…I’m sorry.” Tyrell spoke fast and panicky, thinking he just completely blew it with Kaleah. 

“Tyrell!” Kaleah hollered over his escalating voice. He kept rambling on about what he thought had happened and she needed to calm him down. “Listen to me! You weren’t imagining anything—I really am into you and that tension exists for a reason. It’s just that…I have had some pretty awful experiences with men from this town and I feel like it would be a good idea to get to know each other a little better before anything goes any further. I don’t want history to repeat itself here…” Kaleah explained.
“Oh…” Tyrell smiled as he felt stupid for jumping to conclusions the way that he did. “I totally understand…”

“So…” Tyrell lightened the mood. “…what do you want to know?”
"Everything.” Kaleah teased.
“Well…then be prepared to be here for a few weeks.” Tyrell teased back. “Seriously, though…what do you want to know?”
“Um…” Kaleah thought about it for a moment. “What’s your favourite color?”
“Blue.” Tyrell smiled. “That was easy.”
“What’s your favourite music genre?”
“Oh…” Kaleah was surprised at his answer. “Why?”
“I like how it sounds, I guess. Plus, my mother was part Latin so I sort of grew up hearing the music.” Tyrell smiled.
“What’s your favourite food?” Kaleah asked, getting right back into the questioning.
“Autumn Salad.”
“Favourite animal?”
“They’re the only animal besides a human that can hold a tune.” Tyrell giggled. “Is it my turn to ask any questions yet?”
“Nope! I’ll tell you when I’m done.” Kaleah joked. “Now…how many ex girlfriends do you have?”
“Two. One from New Orleans and one from Los Angeles. I don’t date much…I hold out for the right girl and that right girl tends to hide from me quite often.” Kaleah smiled at the last part of his sentence. ‘Good…he’s sensitive.’ She thought.
“Okay. I’m done…for now. You’re turn.” She grinned. 

Tyrell and Kaleah talked and laughed for hours. They kept asking annoying questions and even held a competition to see who could answer the quickest. 

Kaleah mentioned her life in Iron Horse, Hank, Tyler, and even Brianne. She mentioned that she was asked to be a Newspaper Deliverer and she mentioned how her father is sick. She never once mentioned Sam, though. She figured it would be unnecessary.  

They hopped all around the house. They sat in the kitchen and waited for popcorn to pop, they sat in the dining room and had a drink, they went into Tyrell’s office to look up SimTube videos… 

They almost literally talked about everything. They were so into their conversations that they didn’t even realize how late it was getting. It was merely 4 in the morning, and once they figured that out, they got unbelievably tired.
“Oh my goodness…I should go. It’s so late!” Kaleah yawned.
“You can stay here if you like…” Tyrell blurted.
“Tyrell…” Kaleah wanted to say yes, but she knew she shouldn’t. She didn’t want to sleep in Tyrell’s bed with him, risking something happening that would ruin the good thing they have going on.
“Nothing sexual, or anything.” Tyrell pointed out. “I can sleep in my lounge and you can take my bed.” Kaleah thought long and hard about this idea. She considered saying no and just going home, but she remembered how long of a drive it was to get here and didn’t want to have to drive that distance so late at night while she was so tired. She agreed. “Good. I’ll show you my room.”

Tyrell took Kaleah up to his bedroom and showed where everything was. She decided to sleep in just her underwear, as sleeping in Tyrell’s clothes would be a little weird for her. She stripped down and began to get into bed, thinking Tyrell was already passed out on the couch in his lounge.


Just as she was getting into the bed, Tyrell walked in, knocking only once and not bothering to wait for a response before entering.
“Oh my god!” He hollered when he saw her in nothing but her underwear. “I am so sorry…I didn’t even think…ugh. So sorry!” He covered his eyes. Kaleah stood up and walked over to the other side of the room, not even caring that Tyrell had seen her this way. She wanted to distract his mind, so she pointed out the painting on the wall.  

“Tyrell…I know this is off topic, but I really have to ask…how in the hell did you get a Jerome Wints original painting?” She admired the painting for far away, tilting her head side or side at the abstract art.
“It was given to me by my dad.” Tyrell said, trying not to look at Kaleah’s very attractive body. “I didn’t even know Jerome Wints was famous.”
“Are you joking?” Kaleah got excited. “Jerome Wints is like…the Picasso of our time!”  

“Well if you’re so excited about it, you can have it.” Tyrell said softly as he approached her.
“No way! I can not take this from you. Do you know how much this painting is worth? Millions, at the very least!” Kaleah hollered.
“So? You don’t care about how much it’s worth. You appreciate it for what it is and that’s priceless. To me, it’s just another painting in my house. Please, take it.” He couldn’t help himself any longer. He allowed his eyes to gaze over Kaleah’s half naked body. He gulped. Kaleah noticed this and couldn’t help but to enjoy it. She started feeling that tension again. 

“I…I uh…” Kaleah struggled to find the words she was looking for as her body automatically moved closer to Tyrell’s.
“You what?” Tyrell managed to say.
“I can’t…I can’t take that painting from you.” Kaleah said slowly, staring down at Tyrell’s lips.
“You’re not taking it…” Tyrell spoke softly. “I’m…uhm…I uh…am giving it…to…uh…you.” The tension made them move closer to each other. Eventually, they were at a point where their nude torso’s were lightly glazing each others.  

They couldn’t handle it any longer. In what seemed to be a hard instant, Kaleah wrapped her arms around Tyrell, and Tyrell wrapped his around Kaleah’s. Before seconds more passed, their lips were intertwined and their hearts were beating faster—louder—as the tension took over their entire bodies. Kaleah’s breathing grew louder, and Tyrell’s body started quivering. They kissed hard and passion overwhelmed them. 

Kaleah jumped up and wrapped her bare legs around Tyrell’s waist. In response, Tyrell held her up by her butt and slowly inched towards the bed. Before long, they were both laying there, staring at each other, as they took off each piece of clothing and burrowed under the covers.  

As 6:00 in the morning rolled around, Tyrell and Kaleah had finally gotten to sleep. With that warm body laying next to hers, and the amazing event that just randomly occurred, Kaleah felt at peace. She was at peace with herself, with the universe…she felt happy. Genuinely happy. And that night, as her naked body laid next to Tyrell’s, Kaleah’s dreams were only filled with happiness and Sam had not made his usual appearance.

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