Never Say Forever

The next morning, Kaleah woke up to an empty pillow next to her—it held only the still-warm imprint of a perfect head that was once there. She looked around the oversized bedroom and Tyrell was no where to be seen. It was still early—9 in the morning, at the latest. It felt like Kaleah hadn’t even slept, but she knew it was time to get up. She reluctantly hobbled out of bed, not even bothering to put her clothes back on. She exited the room, silently calling out Tyrell’s name. 

She first checked his lounge, since it was only just across the hall. There was nobody in side—not even the guitars that marked the glorious night they shared. She could hear a low grunting noise through the floor and decided that it must be Tyrell downstairs. She quickly went back into the hall to head for the stairs. 

She followed the noise to every door downstairs until she could finally hear it loud enough through the thick wood. When she decided which door it was coming from, she went inside. 

She walked into Tyrell’s office only to find him sweating over a treadmill. When she entered the room, he barely looked at her.
“Morning.” He said bluntly. “Did you sleep okay?” He paid minimal attention to her still half naked body.
“Mhm…” Kaleah felt alarmed by his disinterest in her. “Do you do this every morning?” She asked. Tyrell nodded through heavy breaths before turning the machine off and swiftly moving with the belt until he reached the solid floor. He grabbed a face towel that was draped over the side of the machine and blotted his face. 

“I’m glad you slept okay. You were so peaceful this morning…” Tyrell spoke softly as he folded the towel perfectly to drape it back where it belonged. “…I didn’t want to wake you.”
“It would’ve probably been better than waking up alone…” Kaleah teased, trying to get even the smallest amount of emotion out of him. Tyrell looked her in the eyes for only a few seconds before pushing past her to go into the kitchen. Kaleah was confused. “Hang on a second, what’s going on?” She asked in a slight yell as she quickly turned to follow him. 

 He slowly stopped and turned to face her as he heard her bare footsteps following closely behind. Kaleah looked him directly in his eyes and, for the first time, got a real look at them without his glasses on. They were perfect, as she would only expect. They were a magnificent shade of green with a slight gold ring around the pupil. Kaleah fell in love with them—and almost lost her train of thought while doing so.
“I’m sorry.” Tyrell finally said. “Last night…it shouldn’t have happened. You told me no and I totally disregarded it and made you sleep with me. I feel like an awful man…I would totally understand if you marched out of here right now and never spoke to me again.” He spoke sadly, as if he really didn’t want to her go. Kaleah lowered her eyebrows and shook her head.
“You didn’t make me sleep with you…” She corrected. “I wanted to.”
“So last night…” Tyrell began to say in higher spirits.
“…was perfect.” Kaleah smiled as she finished what Tyrell was trying to say. “There’s something about you, Tyrell…something that I find myself really wanting to explore. Normally, last night would’ve been a standard one-night-stand. It actually pains me to think that that’s all it could have been.”

“Angel, I have never had a one-night-stand in my entire life…and I’m definitely not going to start now…” Tyrell smiled as Kaleah’s body filled instantly with warmth at the sound of his carefully thought out nickname for her. She mirrored his smile. 

“So….” Kaleah found Tyrell’s strong hands in hers and rubbed her thumbs gently across his soft skin. “What does this mean for us?”
“I can’t speak for us. I can only speak for me…and to me….it meant everything.” Tyrell smiled. Kaleah blushed at his compliment.
“It means everything to me too.” Kaleah sighed. “I don’t know what it is…but before last night, I’ve been experiencing…nightmares, I guess you could say.” Kaleah said in reference to her dreams of Sam. “Last night, as I laid next to you after that amazing time we had, my nightmare disappeared.” 

Tyrell put his hand across the back of Kaleah’s neck and looked into her eyes.
“Kaleah, you are so many kinds of perfect. I know that one night together can’t justify anything, but I really really want to spend more nights with you. I feel something in you, Kaleah…something I’ve never felt in anyone else before.” Kaleah couldn’t help but to smile like an excited little girl.
“I feel…” She started to say. “I feel…the exact same way.”  

Tyrell pulled Kaleah closer to his body and embraced her in a trembling hug. They stood that way, for what seemed like eternity, and neither one wanted to let go.  

They finished their conversation and Tyrell went back to his exercise while Kaleah got dressed.
“Please don’t go…” Tyrell begged as she was getting ready to go home.
"I have to…” Kaleah giggled. “I need to shower…change my outfit…maybe do some painting…”
“Please come back?” Tyrell begged again.
“I promise I will soon.” Kaleah smiled before giving Tyrell a long, passionate kiss good bye and walked the dreaded few steps to the front door. She looked back only once as she headed down the perfectly placed sidewalk, really wishing she didn’t have to go home. 

Pulling back into her driveway felt like she had just hit a huge brick wall. Looking up at her home felt like she was staring her dreaded past square in the eyes and facing it was the last thing she wanted to do. When she was with Tyrell, it was as if she was in a fantasy—a dream land, if you will. Now, coming out of that fantasy gave Kaleah a wave of depression. The second she climbed the few steps to the front porch and got her key ready to unlock the door to get in, she missed Sam again. She hated Brianne again. She dreaded the next grocery bill and rent payment again. Everything became uneasy in a matter of an instant.

Kaleah hauled her body up the stairs and reluctantly made her way into her bedroom. She stopped only once to take a breath before continuing on to her bathroom so she could shower. But, just as she turned on the water, her cell phone started ringing. Her heart dropped at the sound of the ring—thinking it could only be Sam. She fumbled for her phone and quickly glanced at the caller ID before flipping it open. It wasn’t Sam’s number…
“Hello?” Kaleah asked into the receiver. She half expected it to be Tyrell at this point.
“Yes, hello there. I am looking for a Ms. Kaleah Morgan?” A professional man asked through the phone.
“Speaking…” Kaleah responded, confused.
“Hello Ms. Morgan. My name is Franc Dioldo. I own Chique-Fabulous Salon. I have a stylist who has to leave for 2 months with a family crisis, and now I am short staffed. I didn’t want to completely replace her, so I went to City Hall to browse through the temporary contract seeker list.” The man cleared his throat. “I see you have some artistic skills?” It sounded as though the man was flipping through papers.
“Yes…” Kaleah responded.
“I was wondering if you were still seeking employment. Now, I know you have no styling skills but really, we just need someone who can pick up the slack while Virginia is away. You will get full training and get full-time hours. All I need from you is an interview to review your potential.” Kaleah grew instant excitement at the opportunity.
“Yes, yes, yes!” She called into the phone. “I am definitely interested!”
“Great. Come by the Salon before noon.” The man hung up before even letting Kaleah respond. She exited the conversation and checked the time on her cell—it was nearly 11 o’clock and the salon was all the way over on the other side of town. Kaleah threw her phone onto the floor and immediately began to panic as she stripped down and jumped into the shower. 

As Kaleah entered the salon only a few seconds late, there was nobody in sight. She walked up to the front counter where there was a pile of folded clothes with a sticky note attached to it. The note was addressed to her—it told her to put the clothes on. Without hesitation, Kaleah found the bathroom and quickly got changed. When she came out in full uniform, suddenly three employees clogged the foyer—two in which were arguing and one wearing an awful multi-colored dress shirt. She approached the people, not realizing that the man she had mindfully made fun of in her head was Franc Dioldo. He stuck out his hand to shake.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Morgan. Thanks for coming in.” He said loudly, trying to over-power the voices of the arguing staff right next to them.
“Thanks for having me!” Kaleah called back, shaking his hand.


“This is how this interview is going to work.” The man spoke. “Follow me.” Kaleah obeyed. 

He directed her into the next room—which was slightly quieter than the foyer. There were two stations separated by a short wall. Each station had an overflow of products, clothing, and makeup and a pedestal facing a mirror. Franc hopped up onto the platform and stared at his reflection.
“Make me over.” He said.
“I beg your pardon?” Kaleah was confused.
“Make me over. You know…dress me. Make me look…how do you say…younger. “
"But…I’ve never…”
“I know you’ve never done this before, but just try. It will show me your potential.” Kaleah shrugged in agreement and studied the man’s face. She measured his body figure and played around with the little hair he had on his head. It wasn’t long until Kaleah started snipped and dying and cutting and sewing. 

She died over his grey hair and showed him how to put contacts in his eyes. She removed his awkward tight pants and multi-colored shirt and replaced them with newer pieces. It took about an hour, and he seemed pleased afterwards.
“It’s not as good as Virginia, but it’ll do. Congrats. You got the job.” He said without emotion. Kaleah cheered and jumped up and down.
“Oh my goodness, thank you!” She squealed.
“You’re welcome. Look, I have to run. Maggie is in the foyer. She will train you. Good luck and remember—we have a rep. Stick to it.” He winked at Kaleah before quickly heading to the foyer to leave.  

Kaleah took her time before joining Maggie in the foyer, but when she entered, the argument between her and the tattoo artist instantly ended.
“Hello!” Maggie hollered in excitement as Kaleah approached her to shake her hand. “I’m Maggie. I’m a stylist here. That, there, is Tommy. He does nothing but put permanent drawings on people’s bodies and complain.”
“Shut up!” Tommy whined over his shoulder before he left to his side of the salon. Maggie rolled her eyes.
“Anyways…” she continued. “Great to have you aboard! And don’t worry about the fact that you won’t be here very long. I mean, who knows—maybe you’ll have a natural talent at this and become a stylist back home some day!”
“You know…” Kaleah was confused.
“Tommy and I went to City Hall together to look at the list of temporary contract seekers. Let me guess…Franc said it was him who picked you?” She asked as Kaleah nodded slowly. “Typical. It was actually us who picked you.”  

“First things first…take that silly alligator skin uniform off.” Maggie giggled. “It’s the most uncomfortable thing in the world!”
“But Franc…” Kaleah tried to say.
“Franc is never here. He owns like…a million and one of these salons across North America and barely ever shows up here. Tommy and I run this place and I say no uniform.” She smiled up at Kaleah before continuing. 

“This is how it’s going to work today. I’m not going to formally train you like you typically would get trained at any other job. Being a stylist is more than just knowing the text book—you need to have a natural knack for pleasing a costumer. Tommy is the hardest person to make over. You’re job today is to give him a more appealing makeover. Don’t worry if you mess up…this task is solely to show yourself what kind of skills you have and what you need to work on. After you change, Tommy will be waiting at the same station Franc took you to. That’s your stations for the next 2 months…treat it well!”
“So I got a call today to come in, I had my interview today, and now I start today too?” Kaleah felt a little bit overwhelmed by everything. Maggie nodded.
“We’re fast-paced here.” She smiled. Kaleah nodded her head in understanding before turning to head to the washroom.  

When Kaleah came out fully clothed back in her street clothes, Tommy was on her pedestal just like Maggie had promised. Kaleah took one look at him before realizing why he would be challenging. His hair was unevenly cut and matted from getting so long, his body shape was awkward and his shoulders extremely broad. He had tattoos all over his body and wore the ugliest clothes.
“Don’t be offended if this doesn’t work out.” Tommy said smugly as he closed his eyes while Kaleah took his measurements. Once she had everything written down, she instantly got to work.  

Kaleah shocked herself with the makeover she gave Tommy. He looked…good. Even Maggie found it unbelievable, as many stylists before Kaleah had tried to give Tommy a decent makeover before, but always tended to fail. Tommy didn’t like it, but apparently he didn’t like many things. Kaleah was proud—and had believed that she had just discovered a new talent of hers.


As if it was planned, she got a call from Tyrell soon after. She was excited to tell him everything that just happened.
“Tyrell, you wouldn’t guess what happened to me today!” She said instantly when she pushed the button to answer.
“You sound excited, Angel! What is it?” Tyrell asked, intrigued.
“When I got home today, I got a phone call from a salon and I have a job with them now! I’m standing in the middle of the salon as we speak!”
“Once again, you are full of surprises.” Tyrell laughed. “I didn’t know you had a passion for fashion.”
“I didn’t know either, until I just gave the most difficult guy a perfect makeover!” Kaleah sighed in relief. “You wouldn’t believe how happy I am right now.”
“You wouldn’t believe how warm it makes me to hear you say that.” Tyrell said, sweetly. 

“I know this is a random question, but you wouldn’t happen to have a drawing table would you?” Kaleah asked. “I need one to come up with some cool fashion ideas to build a portfolio, but I know how much those things can cost…”
“You may not believe this but my mother used to be an architect before she retired. She has one she isn’t using.”
“Oh my goodness, that’s awesome!” Kaleah beamed. “Can you bring it by later this evening? I get off work at seven…”
“I don’t think I can give it to you, Angel. However, I can probably borrow it…but it has to stay at my house. If my mom ever comes over and sees that it’s not there, she would probably freak out! Besides, it will give you a reason to come see me everyday.” Kaleah smiled.
“Sounds perfect.”
“It will be here by 7.” Tyrell said softly. “Have fun with your makeovers!” Tyrell said before saying good bye and disconnecting the call.  

Kaleah rang the doorbell about fifty times when she arrived at Tyrell’s house. Tyrell could sense her excitement as she ran through the door the second he opened it.
“Where is it!?” Kaleah hollered as she stopped to look around. Tyrell couldn’t help but to laugh.
“It’s upstairs. A little excited, are we?” He accused. Kaleah nodded quickly before running to the staircase. Tyrell could hardly keep up. 

When he finally did, Kaleah was already at the top of the stairs with a page of paper lined up and a pencil readily sharpened. Tyrell shook his head.
“Kaleah, I have never been so intrigued by someone in my entire life. You get so excited for something as simple as a drawing table. I love that about you.” He smiled. Kaleah looked up and flashed him a grin before quickly getting to work. Tyrell had no choice but to leave her be and headed to his lounge to play his guitar.

When he finally did, Kaleah was already at the top of the stairs with a page of paper lined up and a pencil readily sharpened. Tyrell shook his head.
“Kaleah, I have never been so intrigued by someone in my entire life. You get so excited for something as simple as a drawing table. I love that about you.” He smiled. Kaleah looked up and flashed him a grin before quickly getting to work. Tyrell had no choice but to leave her be and headed to his lounge to play his guitar.

Kaleah spent hours in the corner drawing up her first fashion idea.


By the time she was halfway done, it was already close to midnight. Kaleah could hear Tyrell’s guitar playing in the other room, and could tell he was getting sleepy when his notes started to turn out of key. She ignored this and kept on drawing. 

It wasn’t until 2 in the morning when Kaleah finally finished. Tyrell came out to check up on her and couldn’t believe his eyes.
“You drew that?” He asked in shock. Kaleah yawned as she nodded her head. “Amazing.”
“Thanks!” Kaleah smiled. “What do you think of the collar of his jacket?”
“It’s…pretty?” Tyrell giggled. “I’m not fashionable, so I wouldn’t know.” 

Kalaeah folded her drawing up and signed her name on the back of it. She tucked the drawing into a folder attached to the side of the drawing table and stood up to face Tyrell.
“Thank you so much for setting this up.” Kaleah said as she felt her eyes getting heavy.
“Anytime, K.” Tyrell smiled. “Are you going home tonight or can you just stay here again?” Kaleah thought about it for a moment. 

Seconds after he asked, Kaleah jumped up into Tyrell’s arms.
“I’ll stay if you carry me to bed, kind sir.” She teased. Tyrell wiggled his eyebrows before easily tossing Kaleah over his shoulder.
“Fine. But this is how I carry you.” Kaleah couldn’t stop laughing as they made their way to Tyrell’s bedroom. 

Just as they had both assumed would happen, the two of them quickly burrowed under the covers and undressed each other perfectly. Before long, they had another amazing night and fell asleep in each other’s arms. Once again, Kaleah’s dreams were Sam free.  

Kaleah woke up early the next morning. She had to be at work by 9 and needed to go home to get ready first. She woke up next to Tyrell and studied his perfect, sleeping face. ‘I could get used to this…’ Kaleah thought as she slowly and quietly go out of bed to put her clothes back on. 

A week went by and Kaleah was on top of her game. Everything had finally fallen into place for her and she was becoming quite popular at the salon.


She was learning quickly how to cut hair, how to match an outfit to a certain body type…and that she really was okay without Sam in her life. 

She constantly stayed at Tyrell’s house—creating drawings on the drawing board mostly.


She had all the distractions in the world to keep her heart from breaking. She had Tyrell—the perfect man. They spent hours each day talking and laughing. She had her new job and her new friends that she worked with. She had her writing, her painting, and her guitar. 

She even performed chores at Tyrell’s house to keep her stays there welcomed. It had gotten to a point where Kaleah didn’t even need to go home in the mornings before work. She brought bags of clothes over and, even though they had only been seeing each other for a couple weeks, Tyrell loved knowing that Kaleah was always around. 

However, her one flaw was that she spent more time with her new excitement of her new career than she did paying any attention to Tyrell.
“Kaleah…” Tyrell said as he approached her one night. “You spend way too much time on that drawing table.”
“I know! It’s just so exciting to me! I am so in love with my new career!”  Kaleah beamed.
“Take a break. Let’s go for a walk.” Tyrell suggested with high hopes. Kaleah stopped her pencil from moving and listened to the rain drops pattering on the roof.
“Is it not raining outside?” She asked, confused as to why he would want to go out and get soaked.
“Yes. But that’s not an excuse.” Tyrell grabbed the pencil out of Kaleah’s hand and set it down. He wrapped his big fingers over her tiny hand and pulled her slightly to get her to stand up. Kaleah’s whole body tingled with the touch of Tyrell’s soft skin and had no choice by to obey. They silently headed outside, hand in hand.  

They walked and talked for half an hour before Tyrell stopped to face her. They were drenched, but neither one really cared.
“What are you doing?” Kaleah asked, confused, once Tyrell’s gaze met hers. 

“Angel, we’ve been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now and they have literally been the best couple of weeks I’ve ever had in my entire life.” Tyrell smiled. Kaleah mirrored his smile and blushed at his words. “I don’t say this much, but I really enjoy your company—moreso than I enjoy my guitar playing, which has always been a big deal to me.”
“I know I’ve been awful…I’ve been spending so much time drawing up designs that I’ve barely spent any time with you…” Kaleah responded. “But trust me when I say that me just knowing you’re in the other room while I draw makes me feel so…safe. I love knowing you’re around me all the time, even when we don’t spend that time together.”
“I haven’t even thought about another woman since the day I met you at the park and I don’t see myself with any other woman in the near future…what I’m trying to get at is…I don’t want to just see you anymore. I want to know that I have you…every part of you…all to myself.” 

Kaleah smiled and instantly leaned in to kiss Tyrell. It was the cutest scene—the cliffs only across the street and the rain silently falling into puddles around them. When Kaleah pulled away, she spoke softly.
“Of course I will be your girlfriend.” They smiled at each other before letting their lips touch once more.  

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