Never Say Forever

Another week had gone by and Kaleah was nothing but happy. She spent so much time working and being with Tyrell that she had forgotten all about Sam. She hadn’t visited her house in weeks—when she needed a new outfit, she was making so much money that she would just go out and buy one.

One night, a Saturday, Kaleah and Tyrell stayed up late together. She got Sundays and Mondays off work, so she always wanted to spend as much time as she could with Tyrell when she knew she had time off. They went out into the garden and picked apples—they competed to see who could find the best one.
“Kaleah, I have to ask you something…” Tyrell said in the midst of pushing leaves and bad apples out of his way.
“Sure, honey. Anything.” Kaleah smiled.

They found their apples and compared them before Tyrell continued. Kaleah won.
“How come you’ve never let me come over to your house?” He finally asked. Kaleah was taken a little aback by the question.
“You wouldn’t want to come to my house. It’s so old and boring. You’re place is so much nicer!” Kaleah giggled as she took a big bite from the piece of fruit in her hand.
“You actually have no idea how badly I want to go to your house. I want to see…your bed…for once.” He gave Kaleah a seductive smile.

Kaleah threw her apple to the ground and quickly leaned in to give Tyrell a kiss.
“Is that a yes?” Tyrell asked, barely able to handle the heated affection he was just a victim of. Kaleah slowly nodded her head and kissed Tyrell again, as he attempted to lead the way to his car.

They pulled up to the empty driveway—Kaleah left her Audi back at Tyrell’s house.
This…is your house?” Tyrell asked, in shock. “How can you complain about a house the size of this?”
“It’s a rental…and it’s old and smells weird. Trust me…definitely not my cup of tea.” Kaleah teased as they headed towards the front door.

Before they reached the porch steps, Tyrell stopped Kaleah and took her hands.
“What?” Kaleah asked as Tyrell fell into a deep stare.
“You’re beautiful.” Tyrell smiled, sweetly. Kaleah’s heart melted at his random compliment.
“How did I get so lucky as to find a guy like you?” Kaleah spoke in almost a whisper. Tyrell pulled Kaleah’s body close to his and wrapped his arms tightly around her neck. He kissed the top of her head and swayed her from side to side.
“I guess the stars aligned at exactly the perfect time.” Tyrell responded. 

They started to kiss each other softly, but it wasn’t long until it turned into fiery, passionate intimacy. They walked to the front door, not even bothering to stop kissing. Kaleah pulled away for only a few moments to unlock the door and let Tyrell push her body inside. 

He guided her to the first couch he could see—Sam’s couch. Kaleah didn’t even think twice about it and let Tyrell push her down to kiss her harder. They were all over each other—as if it was the first time they were ever doing this. 

Only moments flew by before Kaleah heard the pattering of running feet coming from the other room.
“Kaleah! Is that you!?” She heard a man’s voice call. Before she even had enough time to pull away from Tyrell, Sam was standing at the edge of the couch, watching in utter pain.
“SAM!” Kaleah hollered, startled by his appearance. “What….what are you doing here?” She asked, confused.
“What do you mean, what am I doing here? It’s been three weeks…” Sam was just as confused as he looked painfully from the strange man to Kaleah and back to the strange man. 

Kaleah got up and slowly walked towards Sam.
“You’re judging me…” She said, studying his expression.
“Like hell, I am!” Sam’s hurt started to turn into anger. “How could I not be? I’ve been gone for three weeks and I come home to you making out on my father’s couch with some new random guy!”
“Hey!” Tyrell stood up angrily. “How dare you talk to her that way!” He started to get into Sam’s face. 

“Do you not have any respect for women?” Tyrell continued. “She has her freedom, you know! This is not 1812! If Kaleah wants to make out with her boyfriend in her own home, than so be it! You seriously have no right walking in here and deciding that she is in the wrong!”
“Who the hell do you think you are?” Sam retaliated. “This is my house! If I want to walk in here deciding that she in the wrong than I will! These are my walls, my floors, and my couch!”
“Buddy, I suggest you leave right now before I call the police to escort you! You’re a fricken lunatic!” Tyrell hollered. 

“TYRELL!” Kaleah intervened. “Stop it, right now! This is insane!”
“You’re defending him?” Tyrell was shocked. “You’re defending some random dude who waltzes in here without even the decency of knocking or ringing the doorbell…or even calling first…and starts telling you what to do?”
“Tyrell! This is his house! He’s lived here for years!” Kaleah shot a quick glance at Sam as she took a deep breath to lower her voice. “He’s my roommate.” Tyrell’s expression slowly went blank at the words Kaleah spoke.
“What?” Tyrell asked, in almost a whisper. 

“That’s right, pal. I’m her roommate.” Sam smirked. “Now…I suggest that you leave my property before I call the police.”
“Sam, no!” Kaleah turned her attention to Sam. “You can’t do that. I’m on this lease too and if the cops show up, you’ll just get charged for a false alarm because I will tell them that Tyrell is my guest. He has every right to be here.” 

Sam scrunched up his nose and lowered his eyebrows, unsure of what had just happened. He had come home to Kaleah—he chose Kaleah—only to find her with somebody else. He shook his head and turned to walk away.


 “You could’ve told me you had a roommate! A male roommate, for that fact!” Tyrell said once he heard Sam close the backdoor when he left.
“I’m sorry…I know I should have…it’s just…” Kaleah struggled to find the right words.

“It’s a really complicated situation! Him and I hated each other when I first moved in, and then we became like…best friends. Then, out of no where, we both had these crazy feelings for each other and the day we almost did something about our feelings, his ex girlfriend who he is still totally in love with showed up and complicated every thing. We went back to fighting and then he decided that he was going away for 3 weeks to figure everything out and now he just got back and I totally had no idea that it has already been 3 weeks and…and…” Kaleah was basically hyperventilating. Tyrell grabbed her shoulder to calm her down.
“Angel, Angel!” He said, soothingly. “Hey…shhh.”   

“I’m sorry.” Kaleah could feel a tear running down her cheek.
“Don’t be.” Tyrell smiled. He looked into her eyes as if to comfort her—sooth her—into feeling like everything was really okay. 


“How can you not be mad at me?” Kaleah asked. Tyrell raised his hand to hold Kaleah’s face.
“How could I ever be mad at you?” Tyrell teased. “I understand why you didn’t tell me. You were trying to get over him—get past what he did to you. I get that. I just need to know….am I just your rebound? Or are your feelings for me as real as I can feel them to be?”
“They’re real.” Kaleah said softly. 

Tyrell leaned in and gave her a little kiss.
“Well then…where is that bed of yours?” He asked with a grin across his perfect face. Kaleah giggled and grabbed his hand. She quickly whipped her body around and started heading for the stairs. 

When they got to her room, Tyrell instantly went over to Kaleah’s radio and turned it on, only to find the perfect song. It was playing ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’ by Aerosmith. Tyrell slowly made his way to Kaleah’s bed and Kaleah joined him. Almost instantaneously, Tyrell threw his body on top of hers and started kissing her passionately. 

They kissed and touched and held each other for nearly an hour. They were getting pretty into it, until all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Sam’s face flashed through Kaleah’s mind. It caused her to gasp.
“What’s wrong?” Tyrell asked, pulling away slightly. Kaleah took two breaths before shaking her head and pulling Tyrell back to kiss her. Just as she did so, Sam’s face flashed through her mind once more.   

“Kaleah…” Tyrell pulled away further this time. “Are you okay?” He was confused, just as Kaleah was.
“Um…I can’t do this Tyrell.” Kaleah pulled her body out from under his. 

“What do you mean? We’ve done it plenty of times before?” Tyrell asked.
“I know…it’s just…Sam…is only just downstairs and I don’t know. It’s not like I want him or anything…it’s just…”
“Distracting?” Tyrell asked in understanding. Kaleah nodded her head. Tyrell smiled and buttoned the top button back up on his shirt before standing up off of the bed.   

“I’m so sorry. I really hate this…” Kaleah felt like crying again, but restrained the best that she could.
“I know…I can see it in your eyes.” Tyrell smiled.
“I hate that he’s back…I wish…I wish that he would’ve just stayed in Boston.” Kaleah shook her head at the thought, unsure if that was true or not.
“Why don’t you just move out if you don’t want anything to do with him?” Tyrell asked, modestly.
“I wish I could…I’m sort of in a tight contract with my landlord. I signed a six-month rent agreement. If I want to leave before six months is up, I will get charged almost ten times the amount my rent costs.”
“Well who’s your landlord?”
“Jocasta…I don’t know her last name. Apparently she owns just about every rental property in Sunset Valley.”

Tyrell looked Kaleah in the eyes only once before bringing her towards his body for a hug.
“Talk to him tonight.” He said into her ear. “Figure things out and be ready for me tomorrow.”
“I will.” Kaleah sighed. “Tyrell…you’re seriously the best guy I have ever known.” Tyrell laughed.
“I’ll be back tomorrow morning by 11 to pick you up so you can go get your car.” He said as he pulled away. “Sweet dreams, my love.”


Kaleah watched out the window as her boyfriend walked slowly down the porch steps to his Charger. She felt awful…like she had just broken up with him or something. She knew she was going to see him tomorrow, and everything will still be fine, but there was something eating at her as if he was hiding something.   

 She walked to the back door and looked out the window. Sam was outside, sitting by the pool. As much as Kaleah needed to talk to him—as much as she wanted to talk to him—she wasn’t ready to face him quite yet. All of her old feelings for him came rushing back in one big gust of wind, causing her to almost feel sick to her stomach. ‘Why!!!’ Kaleah thought to herself. Instead of going out to talk to Sam, she turned around and headed back up to her room, deciding to give things a little more of a chance to cool down.

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