Never Say Forever

For a solid week, Kaleah's behavior got worse and worse. Each night she would bring a new man home, and each night she would drunkenly sleep with them. Kimmi grew angry, while Sam grew more and more sad and guilty. They tried to get through to Kaleah, but nothing they would say or do worked. All Kaleah wanted to do was get drunk, bring home a man, wake up at 3 in the afternoon, and then do it all over again. She isolated herself from the entire house. She barely spoke a word to anybody. Even when her mother called three times, she didn't want to talk to her. Something inside of Kaleah was changing...everyone could see that. Sam didn't like it and Kimmi didn't like how upset it made him. 

Kimmi and Sam started fighting alot, and barely did anything together. All Sam wanted to do was sit around the house and mope about whichever man it was that Kaleah had over. Kimmi didn't like this. She had tried getting through to her cousin numerous times, and she'd given up, for the most part. Until one night.... was a Monday night and Tyler was over for a quiet movie night, as a Monday night should be. Kimmi and Sam were cuddling awkwardly on the sofa, giggling and making sarcastic comments at the movie they were watching. 

"Kimmi!!!" Kaleah called from the top of the stairs. "KIMMI CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

"What?!?!" Kimmi called back.

"I don't think you can hear me...uggghh." Kaleah came stomping down the stairs in her leather stiletto boots. Stumbling as she walked, Kimmi and Sam could tell she had already been drinking.

"What is it Kaleah?" Kimmi asked, annoyed. "I could hear you just fine from the top of the stairs, ya know."

"Oh well." Kaleah said as she walked towards the bathroom. "I need to borrow your cover up. I'm all out."

"Hmph...I wonder why." Tyler giggled.

"That's not funny, Tye." Sam said.

"Well what does she expect? She packs on the make up all week long for her partying...of course she's going to run out." Tye smirked. Kimmi rolled her eyes.

"Kaleah, sweetie." She said softly. "How about you come watch a movie with us tonight instead? It's Monday should stay home."

"Yeah right. This is the last place I want to be tonight." Kaleah said harshly.

"Kaleah, please? I'm begging you...hang out with us tonight. It's been far too long." Kimmi said.

"Blah blah I care." Kaleah slammed the bathroom door shut.

Kimmi got up and ran after Kaleah.

"Kimmi, let it go!" Sam called after her, but she didn't listen. She burst the bathroom door open, but Kaleah barely stirred. She was leaning over the sink, smoothing out foundation across her face. She barely even looked at Kimmi as she stormed in.

"Why do you gotta be so dang rude?" Kimmi asked in her Okie twang. "All I wanted was for you to spend a little time with us!"

"You're calling me rude? When you just stormed in here without so much as knocking? What if I was going to the bathroom? Or was naked?" Kaleah cleared her throat. "In my opinion, the only rude one here is you." 

 Kimmi sighed and dropped her head in defeat.

"Please stay in tonight. That's all I'm askin' of you!" Kimmi said, quietly.

"Nope. I'd rather go out."

"Why do you always want to go out?"

"I have fun at the Grind. It's a place where I don't need to care about anything...I like not giving a crap about anything." Kimmi thought about what Kaleah had just said.

"Well then I'm comin' with you." She said as she folded her arms across her chest. Kaleah laughed.

"You wouldn't last a second in that place." She said. "Besides, I won't let you come."

"You can't stop me from comin', Kaykay. I will come whether you like it or not. Just give me a couple minutes to change my clothes." 

Kimmi turned to leave the bathroom so she could go and get dressed, but Kaleah swung around and grabbed her arm before she had the chance. Kaleah stuck one finger directly at Kimmi.


"I'm not tryin' to be your mama or babysit you, Kaykay! I just wanna come..." 

"WHY?!" Kimmi could smell the alcohol on Kaleah's breath. She recognized it as Captain Morgan's rum. Since when did Kaleah drink rum? Especially on a Monday night?

"You've been drinking already?" Kimmi asked, ignoring Kaleah's question.

"Who cares what I do! Whatever I do is none of your God damn business!"

"HEY!" Kimmi snapped. "Do not use the lord's name in vain! There's no use in cursin' at me!"

"WHY ARE YOU STILL IN MY FACE? GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Kaleah pushed Kimmi, just like she had on her balcony a week earlier. This time, Kimmi was too mad to tear up and walk away, so she pushed her back.

Kaleah stared sharply at Kimmi, shocked that she had pushed her.

"I won't let you make me upset anymore, Kaykay." Kimmi said in response to the shocked look on her face. "You want to fight with me? I will fight back."

"Get out of my way." Kaleah said, disregarding what she had said. "I need to go."

"I'm coming with you!" Kimmi said, a-matter-of-factly.

"I'd like to see you try." Kaleah pushed Kimmi one more time, but this time, Kimmi fell to the floor and out of Kaleah's way. Kaleah smirked as she stepped over her fallen cousin and ran out of the bathroom. 

Kaleah ran through the living room and passed the boys.

"Where are you going?" Tyler asked as she glared at him while she ran by.

"Kaleah! Hang on! What happened?" Sam called, but Kaleah ignored both of them, as she ran up the stairs. "KALEAH!" Sam hollered. He stood up and looked up the stairs to see if she had stopped, but she was already out of sight. Moments later, they heard the front door slam shut. Kaleah had left. Sam looked at Tyler, who was staring at him in utter confusion. "What the hell?" Sam asked. 

"Where is she?" Kimmi asked, entering the room. Sam quickly turned to Kimmi and approached her.

"What the hell happened?" He asked, confused. 

"Did she leave?" Kimmi asked, out of breath and ignoring Sam's question. She looked at Tyler, who nodded slightly. "AND YOU DIDN'T STOP HER?!" Kimmi hollered. She tried running towards the stairs, but Sam put his arm out to stop her.

"What the hell happened?" He repeated. 

"I don't know, but she has officially lost control of herself and I have had enough!" Kimmi hollered. "I'm going after her and bringing her home!" Again, she tried pushing past Sam, but he wouldn't move.

"Just let it go, Kimmi. She's gone already...there's not much else you can do." Sam explained sadly.

"Unless you're going to throw her over your shoulder and carry her home." Tyler smirked. Kimmi looked at Tyler again.

"If that's what it takes, then that's what I will do." She said, finally pushing Sam's arm out of the way. "You are welcome to come...I would appreciate it if you both did." Without another word, Kimmi sprang up the stairs in the same direction that Kaleah did only moments before.

A woman appeared on the television. She was a gorgeous red head with doll-like skin and a hefty chest. Tyler was gawking, as usual, as Sam turned to face him.

"Now that's the kind of girl you need." He said, practically drooling. "A major hottie with only one dramatic issue - her boobs get in the way when she goes for a jog." Tyler laughed hysterically. Sam slapped his palm to his forehead and growled.

"Dude!" He hollered at Tyler. "How the hell can you be kidding around right now when all the women around us are going insane?" 

"Sorry, man. I'm just trying to make light of the situation. Ever since these women came into this house..."

"Don't say it." Sam sighed. "It's been hell."

"Exactly. Things were so much easier before Kimmi showed up....they were even easier before Kaleah showed up too."

"Easier, maybe...but boring too." Sam said softly. "What do I do, Tye? Do I run after them?"

"Do you want to?"

"Not really. It's hard for me to see Kaleah like this...and Kimmi gets mad at me for being upset." Sam shook his head. "But she will be more mad at me if I don't follow her. Urrg! I'm so confused! She's mad at me for caring, and then when I try not to care, she still gets mad at me."

"Damned if you do; damned if you don't." Tye nodded. 

"Exactly." Sam sighed, yet another time. "I should follow them, though."

"I'll come with you." With that, Tyler and Sam went up the stairs and hesitantly headed out the front door. 

Sam and Tyler caught up with Kimmi at the entrance of the Grind. She was stopped by the club owner, unable to enter the club. The boys cautiously approached Kimmi as she argued with the greasy looking man.

"You have to let me in! I won't be very long...I'm just here to take my cousin home." Kimmi argued. "I won't even stay for a drink! I will just get in and get out."

"Ya think that's supposed to make me wanna let you in? Honey, I make most of my income from the drunks that hang 'round these parts. The whole point to a bar is to drink...." The man sounded as dirty as he looked. He had almost a faked southern accent.

"Don't call me honey!" Kimmi hollered. "I am just as much allowed in there as anyone else! This is insanity!" Tye looked sideways at Sam, who quickly returned his glare.

"Excuse me, sir?" Sam asked, hesitantly. "Can I ask why she isn't allowed in?"

"And who the hell are you?" The man asked, crossing his arms as he looked Sam up and down. Sam gulped.

"U-um...I'm her boyfriend." He said...fear of the grimy old man clearly in his voice.

"Well, boyfriend...we have a dress code in this club. I can't let a girl in my club lookin'!"

"And what the heck does this look like?" Kimmi asked, offended.

"Like an ol' slob." The man said, inches from her face. "Now step aside so I can let my paying, properly dressed costumers in." He flicked his fingers at a group of girls, suggesting they were allowed inside. Kimmi, Sam and Tyler all scanned the group of girls. They were half naked, with tiny mini skirts and way too much of their stomach's showing. One of the girls might as well have been naked. 

Sam watched as more and more people poured into the club around them, the owner not even bothering to check most of them twice. Sam started laughing. Kimmi slowly jerked her gaze towards him.

"Sam!" She hollered. "What the heck is funny about any of this?!" Tyler elbowed Sam to get him to stop, but he wouldn't stop giggling.

"I just find it funny..." Sam said between gasps of air. "...that you dressed just as skanky as any of these women walking in here right now, and the time that you actually need to have dressed that way is the time when you made-over your wardrobe."

"I was not this skanky! I actually had class, thank you very much." Kimmi grew angry and when Sam noticed, he instantly stopped laughing.

"Oh, yeah. Of course." He said, apologetically. Kimmi rolled her eyes and turned back to the bouncer.

"I promise you I won't be any longer than 5 minutes. You can even time me!" She said, pleadingly. 

"Nope. Sorry, honey." He said, barely looking at her. "You're friends can go in, but not you." 

"Kimmi, just leave it alone. We can go get her." Tyler said, pulling on Sam's arm towards the entrance. Kimmi stopped them.

"You guys have no idea how to handle're too easy on her. I'm the only one with a heart big enough to show her some tough love. And tough love is what she needs." Kimmi said. She turned her attention back to the owner. "You want skanky?" She asked. 

"Rules are rules, sweetheart." He responded. "I like to keep up a reputation." Kimmi rolled her eyes and began to undress. 

Kimmi dropped her baggy sweats and sweatshirt to the ground, exposing a baby blue teddy, obviously meant for nobody's eyes except for hers and Sams. Desparate times called for desparate measures.

"Is this skanky enough?" She asked. Tyler looked Kimmi up and down, feeling awkward for enjoying the way his best friend's girlfriend looked. Sam gasped in shock that Kimmi was standing there in nothing but lingerie. 

"That will do." The owner gawked at Kimmi's tiny frame. When his eyes reached her feet, his smirk quickly faded. "But those boots are no good..."

"Come on, man!" Sam snapped. "This girl is standing in her underwear just to get in this club. You can't just let her boots go? We're not even going to be here for very long!" The owner thought about it for a moment.

"Okay, fine." He said. "But don't make this a regular thing! This is a one time deal only!" Kimmi smiled.

"Thank you! Oh, thank you!"

"Hurry up, before I have a change of heart." He said, motioning for the entrance. Kimmi started towards the doors, with Sam quickly following behind. Tyler, however, hung back.

"Tye?" Sam asked, when he noticed he wasn't following. "You coming?"

"No. I think I'm going to stay out here. You know, in case she tries to leave." Tyler said, lying. Sam nodded, skeptically, but accepted his request and headed inside without him.

Kimmi and Sam quickly made their way through the crowd, pushing past groups of drunken snobs stumbling all over the place. 

"Where could she be?" Sam hollered over the loud, crackly speakers. Could this place be anymore ghetto? "Should we split up?" Kimmi shook her head.

"No, that's a bad idea." Kimmi hollered back. "If we split up, that's just one more person to look for in the end. We should stick together." Kimmi scanned the dancefloor, but couldn't see anything past the sweaty, grinding bodies. "Let's try the bar, first. And keep our fingers crossed. I don't want to have to make my way through that." Kimmi pointed at the dancing drunks and Sam nodded in agreement. It was like watching wild animals during mating season. Kimmi and Sam elbowed and kicked their way to the bar, and sure enough, there was Kimmi dancing all too sexy-like on the counter of the bar with a crowd of horny men surrounding her, watching her tentatively. Sam couldn't help but get mad at them. 

"Kaykay!" Kimmi screamed. She pushed the crowd of men away and grabbed Kaleah's foot on the counter. Kaleah lowered her brow and kicked Kimmi's hand away, but kept on dancing.

"Kaleah, what are you doing?" Sam hollered. "Come down from there!" He put his hand out to help her down, but she ignored it. Sam watched Kaleah dance and got lost in how sexy she looked. He knew it wasn't right to stare, or even so much as enjoy what he was staring at. He was with Kimmi, and she was standing right next to him. Not to mention, their whole goal of being there was to take Kaleah home safely. But, he couldn't help himself. Kimmi noticed Sam staring and elbowed him in the ribs.

"Gosh, dangit! Focus!" She hollered in his ear. "Kaykay, can you please come down from there! You're making a fool out of yourself!" Some man who was waiting for his drink next to Kimmi turned their way.

"Fool?" He laughed, obviously more than a little drunk. "I think she looks effing hot!" Kaleah smiled at the man's comment, and kept on dancing. Sam felt his face get hot and tried going after the man, his hands in fists, getting ready to swing. Kimmi pushed on Sam's shoulders.

"Sam, no! It's not worth it. We'll get kicked out." Kimmi said.

"Listen to your lady, buddy. She knows what she's talking about. Let the slut dance!" The man hollered. Kimmi turned abruptly and slapped the man clear across the face.

"That slut is my cousin! Nobody talks about her that way!" She screamed in his face. This time, Sam was the one holding her back. The man put his hands up and stepped back, not wanting to cause anymore trouble. 

"That's it." Sam said, getting frustrated. He grabbed Kaleah's legs and threw her over his shoulder.

"Sam! What the hell!" Kaleah started kicking and punching his back. He put her down on the floor, as she kept hitting him and punching him. 

"CALM DOWN!" Sam said, grabbing her wrists. 

Kaleah pulled her arms out of Sam's grip, stumbling back from the amount of alcohol she drank. The man who had made the comments earlier approached them again.

"What the hell, man! I was watching that!" He hollered. Kaleah turned towards Kimmi, ignoring the stranger. 

"Kimmi!" Kaleah hollered, noticing Kimmi's outfit. "What the hell are you wearing? You really shouldn't be in a place like this wearing lingerie." Kimmi was shocked at Kaleah's concern.

"THIS coming from the girl who's done nothing but wear slutty outfits and come here every single night to get drunk and have sex with random men that you never see again! It's Monday, for cryin' out loud." 

"Kaleah, Kimmi stripped down to her underwear just so she could come in here and get you. She's dressed like that for you!" Sam chimed in.

"Shut up, Sam! I'm tryin' to talk to her!" Kimmi snapped. Sam rolled his eyes and stepped back. 

"Kimmi, I thought I told you to leave me alone! Many, many times!" Kaleah screamed. "I thought i told you not to follow me here!" 

Kimmi put a hand in Kaleah's face.

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do! If I wanna come here, I will!" Kimmi retorted. Kaleah smacked Kimmi's hand out of her face.

"Don't put your disgusting hands near me! Get out of my face!" Kaleah hollered.  

"Quit tellin' me what to do!" Kimmi hollered back. 

"You freakin' hypocrit! You've been trying to tell me what to do for a week, now, and then you have the nerve to tell me that I can't tell you what to do!" 

"CHICK FIGHT!" the stranger cheered. "RIP HER TOP OFF!"

"SHUT UP!!!" Kaleah and Kimmi screamed at the man in unison. Kimmi rolled her eyes and grabbed Kaleah's wrist.

"You're comin' with me!" She said, trying to pull her away from the bar. Kaleah pulled her arm away and pushed Kimmi.

"No, I'm staying here! You can leave!" Kaleah argued.

"I'm not leavin' here without you! You will just get back on that counter and dance for these disgusting men!"

"So what? If it's what I want to do, I'm allowed to do it!" 

"ENOUGH!!" Sam pushed on Kaleah's shoulder so she could face him. "KALEAH, YOU ARE ACTING CRAZY!" Sam couldn't contain his frustration anymore. He was desparate to get through to her. He wanted nothing more than his Kaleah back.

"Ooohhh look at Mr. Hotshot, yelling at a girl!" Kaleah said sarcastically. 

"Kaleah, we are going home! You are not going to stay here! These guys are all pigs and as long as you live in my house and as long as your my friend, I won't let you do this!"

"You're acting like I'm about to murder someone, Sam! Just relax! I'm just trying to have a good time!" Kaleah argued.

"Have a good time? Or extract an STD with the possibility of alcohol poisoning and a drug overdose?" Sam hollered. 

"Let loose, Sam! God, you are such a prude! Why can you just have a little fun once in a while? Or at the very least, let me have fun?"

"How can I have fun when you have me worried half to death! You are going to get yourself into trouble...I couldn't bare the thought of you getting hurt!" Sam blurted. Kaleah paused at Sam's remark, unable to take in what he was saying. He cared about her, that much she was certain of. But it wasn't enough. 

"Too late." Kaleah said, calmly. "I've already been hurt beyond the point of repair." Sam's eyes went wide, knowing what Kaleah was talking about. 

"Oh heaven's sake!" Kimmi pushed Sam out of the way. "Go get Tyler, Sam! Maybe he can say something that will make her come home."

"Tyler?" Kaleah laughed. "Really? You think Tyler can convince me to leave? Highly doubtful." Sam shook his head and walked out of the club, hoping to god that Tyler could help.  

"Tye!!!" Sam hollered as he rushed outside. "TYLER!!"

"Dude, relax! I'm right here!" Tyler said, stepping away from the wall he was leaning on. "What's going on? Where's Kaleah?"

"It's terrible! She won't listen to a thing we say!" Sam quickly explained the story. 

"I'm not going in there, Sam. I'm sorry, but Kaleah won't listen to me. I can bet money on that." Tyler said. 

"You have to at least try. We are out of options!"

"I thought you were going to throw her over your shoulder and carry her out?"

"Tried that. She practically beat me up." Sam rubbed his upper back, where bruises were in place from when Kaleah punched him. Tyler sighed.

"I really don't see how I can make a difference."

"It's our last shot. Please?" Sam was practically begging Tyler. Reluctantly, he agreed. Sam stayed outside, unable to face Kaleah again. 

"YOU'RE BEIN' RIDICULOUS!" Kimmi screamed, pushing Kaleah and almost making her fall to the floor. Kaleah stumbled back to her steady feet, and pushed Kimmi back.

"DON'T TOUCH ME, YOU OKIE FREAK!" She hollered. 

"HOW DARE YOU CALL ME THAT!" Kimmi hollered back. Tyler saw a crowd forming around Kaleah and Kimmi, and quickly headed over to break up the fight that was bound to happen. 

"Girls! Come on! Stop!" Tyler put his arms in between Kaleah and Kimmi, but it was no help. His arms got thrown back as quickly as he put them there.

"Tyler!" Kaleah hollered, surprised to see him. "Jeeze, is the rest of the Brady Bunch here? What the hell is this? An intervention?"

"It may as well be!" Kimmi hollered.

"Shut up!" Kaleah yelled back.

"Kaleah, come on. Can we please go home and talk about all of this? You know how drama stresses me out...please? If not for Kimmi and Sam, then do it for me?" Tyler pleaded.

"Pfft." Kaleah laughed. "Yeah. Right, Tyler. I don't owe you anything."

"I'm not saying that!" Tyler argued. 

"Quit pickin' fights with everyone!" Kimmi screamed, frustrated.

"Stop telling me what to do!" Kaleah pushed Kimmi one last time before a brawl broke out. Hair was pulled, clothing was ripped, and the two of them were on the ground, rolling around, smacking and punching each other. 

"STOP!!!!!" Tyler started to jump up and down in panic. "KIMMI! KALEAH! PLEASE STOP! THIS IS CRAZY!" The girls ignored Tyler and continued to fight each other. Tyler whipped his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed 911.

"Sam?" Tyler went outside, looking for Sam. He found him at the side of the building, watching traffic drive by. 

"Where's Kimmi and Kaleah?" Sam asked, without looking at his friend. He knew his conquest was unsuccessful. He was ready to give up and go home.

"Inside. I'm sorry, I tried." Tyler explained. "Listen, got really bad. Kimmi and Kaleah are getting physical." 

"What do you mean, physical?" Sam asked, panicked. "Like..."

"...they're fighting." Tyler finished. Sam tried running inside, but Tyler stopped him. "I tried to get them to stop...they won't. It's no use." Sam sighed.

"Tell me what happened." He said. 

"I walked in there and they were pushing each other around. I only got a couple words in with Kaleah before they started attacking each other. It's terrible man..."

"Did you try ripping them apart."

"No...some other guy did and ended up with a bloody nose. I have a gig next week...I can't afford any facial bruising. 

"Oh my god!" Sam growled in frustration. "What the hell do we do? We've literally tried everything." 

"Not everything..." Tyler said, unable to look Sam in the eyes. "I have to tell you something..."

"What is it, Tye?" Sam asked, impatient. 

"I did try one more're not going to like it." Tyler sighed. "You'll probably hate me for it, but I really don't think there's any other way...I mean, without them beating each other to a pulp first."

"Tyler, what are you tal..." Sam cut himself off when he noticed a red headed police officer running towards the entrance of the club, Sam watched him until he was out of sight. "Tye..." Sam said, ready to blow up. "Tell you me you didn't...."

"I called the police."  


"Calm down, Sam!" Tyler was scared that Sam was about to hit him. "It's the best thing for her right now."


"Hey! She will be out of this grimy club and somewhere safe tonight, at least. All I called them for was a drunken bar fight. The worst sentence she will get is a night spent in the drunk tank. They will let her go in the morning, I promise!"


Tyler threw his arms up in defeat. 

"Whatever, man!" He said. Sam rolled his eyes and tried to walk away. As he was about to turn the corner of the building, Kaleah ran into him, with her hands cuffed behind her back and the red headed police officer escorting her towards the cop car.

"Excuse me, sir. Official police business. Step aside." The officer said. Sam looked at his badge. It read 'Constable Rowe'

"Sorry, constable. But I....uh....I know her. She's my roommate. I was here to take her home." Sam said. He looked at Kaleah, who was glaring at him in anger.

"Don't play innocent, Sam! YOU did this to me." Kaleah snapped.

"I didn't call the police, Kaleah."

"Right. You expect me to believe that?"

"Look, son..." The officer interrupted. "I can let her go now if you're sober and can keep an eye on her tonight. She doesn't need to go to the drunk tank if she has someone responsible for her."

"Yes, of course sir. I'm completely sober...I will take care of her." Sam said. 

"No, officer. Don't let her go with him." Kimmi's voice came from around the corner as she approached them.

"And who are you, now?" The officer asked, impatiently. 

"I'm  her cousin...the girl she was fighting." Kimmi said. "I'm sober...she attacked me."

"She's coming home with us tonight, Kimmi. Just like we discussed." Sam pleaded.

"No." Kimmi shook her head. "Constable Rowe said that she can be let go to people who can control her. We couldn't even get her out of this club, let alone control her once she gets released to us." Kimmi sighed. "Besides, a night in the drunk tank might be good for her."

"Screw you, Kimmi!" Kaleah hollered. 

"Alright, guys. This is ridiculous. I'm not releasing her to any of you...obviously there's some irresponsibility in this group and she is in no condition to go home to that.  An officer will call you in the morning when someone can come pick her up." Without another word, the officer continued to escort Kaleah to the car. Sam watched sadly as she was placed in the car. Kaleah looked at Sam through the dark glass window, apology written all over her face. Just as the car began to drive away, Sam noticed a tear run down her clear face. 

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