Never Say Forever

Chapter One

*Ding Dong* Sam Fairchild resided alone at 59 Riverblossom Road. He was in the basement, practising his guitar, when he heard his doorbell ring.
‘I wonder if that’s her…’ He thought to himself, getting nervous. As he hesitated up the stairs, the doorbell rang again. He could feel his forehead start to sweat and his face get hot. ‘What do I say to her?’ He thought to himself again. “You can do this, Sam. Snap out of it!” He wiped the sweat off of his forehead as he spoke the words out loud. When he opened the door, low and behold, a petite, beautiful, interesting girl was standing on the other side.
“Hi,” She enthusiastically, “I’m Kaleah Morgan.” She put out her hand to shake Sam’s. He slowly lifted his shaking, sweaty hand and fumbled for a greeting.
“H-h-i-ello.” He stuttered. Kaleah, making note of his reaction, pushed past him and walked inside.
“I’m Sam’s new roommate. I’m guessing you’re her….boyfriend? Brother? Is she here?” Kaleah said ignorantly as Sam closed the door. 

“Sam is not a girl…I’m Sam. Sam Fairchild.” He said, trying to hold back another outburst of giggles. Kaleah looked at him confused.
“What?” She asked.
“I’m Sam Fairchild.” There was a long moment of silence before Kaleah finally responded. She started giggling and shook her head maniacally.
“I see what you’re doing. That’s funny…” She said in between giggles, “Good one. But seriously, I’ve been anxious to meet her since the day I faxed in my contract and credit card information. When will she be home?”
“I’M SAM!” Sam burst out. “It’s not a trick or a joke. I live here. Me and only me. Well…me and you now…”  

Kaleah stared at him long and hard with a blank look on her face. Sam backed up a couple steps, scared of what her next reaction might be.
“Are you okay?” Sam cautiously asked. There was no response. “Kaleah?”
“So you’re telling me that my roommate is a boy.” She finally said with sad eyes.
Sam nodded.
"And nobody else lives here besides you and me?” She asked again. Sam shook his head. 

“However…” Kaleah began to look around. Sam noticed the disgusted expression forming on her pretty face.
“What?” Sam asked abruptly.
“This place needs some serious redecorating…do you even own a single fern or a bookshelf, for that matter?” Kaleah sniffed the air, “…and I think a couple bottles of air freshener are in order…”
“What? No! You’re not redecorating.” Sam crossed his arms and smirked.
“Why not?” Kaleah asked, irritated.
“Regardless if you are a new tenant here, this is still my house. I’ve lived here for a couple years now and the decorating has remained the same ever since day one. You can’t just waltz in here and decide to take everything over.” Sam said. “I have to go to work. I’ll be back by 4…the upstairs is all for you. Both rooms have been set up with your things by your mom and those are the only rooms you can get your filthy, feminine hands on. Got it?” Kaleah was still looking around. She walked towards the living room, not saying a word to Sam. 

She turned to face Sam.
“Excuse me?” She demanded, raising one eyebrow. “What is that supposed to mean?” 

Sam could feel his face turning red with embarrassment. He had no idea what to say next


“Oh come on…just one room?” Kaleah begged. Sam rolled his eyes and continued out the door. Kaleah followed quickly behind. 

‘He has no right to say that. Sure this was his house before I moved in, but I pay to live here now!’ Kaleah thought to herself as she listened to Sam’s truck start. Sam’s passenger window rolled down.
“Kaleah?!” He called. “Whatever you do, do not touch the kitchen. Don’t even snack in the kitchen until I get home. We’ll go over the rules of the kitchen tonight.”
“Rules of the kitchen? Are you freaking kidding me?” Kaleah called back. Sam obnoxiously rolled his window back up and sped away.  Kaleah stomped back into the house and preceded up stairs to see how her mom set up her bedroom. 

Suddenly, Kaleah got a brilliant thought.
‘It’s 12:00  right now…’
she thought to herself as she jolted out of her bed. ‘Sam won’t be home until 4:00…that gives me 4 hours to do whatever the hell I want with this disgusting man house.’


'Hm…I like it.’ She said to herself as she hung up the last of the pictures and took a step back. ‘At least Sam will respect the fact that I didn’t touch his kitchen…not even the disgusting old beer bottles sitting on the counter.’  

The first thing same noticed when he walked in was the out of place table hanging out by the entranceway. ‘What the heck is this hunk of wood doing here?’ He asked himself as he examined it further. Next to the table were a purse and a pair of shoes. ‘Ugh…Kaleah…’ He rolled his eyes. He turned towards the living room and noticed the entire new furniture set in place of his old, comfortable stuff. He slowly walked towards it. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me! I told her not to! Ugh…’ He started to get mad. 

‘Books? Really? In a man’s house…’ He thought as he pulled a book out. It read Hamlet, by William Shakespeare on the cover. Quickly, Sam threw it back to the bookshelf. “Gross.” He said. 

“Kaleah?” He said as he whipped open the door and entered the room. “Oh…my…god…”He said, with his jaw dropped.  

He tried to open the door, but it was locked. “What the hell is this? She’s locked the door?” He started banging on it. “KALEAH OPEN UP! I HAVE A MAJOR BONE TO PICK WITH YOU!” Sam stuck his ear to the door but there was no response from inside. “Uggghhhh!” He grunted as he stomped back downstairs. ‘She better not have touch anything else!’ He thought to himself.

Sam went into the back hallway and sure enough plants, pictures and his computer desk were there. Sam rolled his eyes and next, headed into the dining room. Knowing that his computer desk was in the hallway made him certain she changed the dining room. And she did. ‘Oh man…if she did anything downstairs…I’ll kill her!’ He quickly ran to the basement.

“How dare you!” He yelled as he ran up to the hammock in which Kaleah was sleeping in. Sam’s voice jolted Kaleah and she quickly woke up in a startle, causing her to fall out of the hammock.
“Sam! What the hell, look what you made me do!” She hollered back. She brushed the grass off of her hands and knees as she got back up to her feet. “I was having a really good nap. Thanks a lot for ruining it!”
“Like I care.”
“What are you going on about?” Kaleah grew annoyed.  

“What’s the big deal? That thing was covered in stains and was ripped in more than three different places! For all you knew, mice could have been living in that couch. Mice, Sam! That’s gross…” Kaleah said.
“Kaleah! You are probably the stupidest person I know! Who the hell throws out something that belongs to their brand new roommate that they don’t even know? That could’ve had an emotional value to it, for all you knew!” Sam got really defensive. Kaleah looked around at the neighbouring houses.
“Can you lower your voice please? The neighbours will start to wonder…” She said.
“Lower my voice?” Sam smirked. “Lower my voice? You’re seriously asking me to lower my voice right now?” Kaleah gave Sam a confused look. 

“That is no way to talk to a lady! In fact, that is no way to talk to me!” Kaleah crossed her arms and hollered. Sam lifted his finger and opened his mouth to say something. Right before he let anything else out, he stopped himself, shook his head, and turned to walk away.  “You’re just going to leave it at that then?”
“I have nothing left to say to you. Good night Kaleah.” Sam said as he continued into the house. She watched him shake his head and sulk his shoulders. She felt a cold guilt take over he body. How was she supposed to know that the couch meant so much to him? Just then, Kaleah's phone rang. 

“Oh honey, that was no problem at all. I’m just happy to help. So, how’s this Samantha roommate of yours? Are the two of you getting along?”
“Mom! It’s horrible! There is no Samantha! It’s just Sam…Sam Fairchild…a boy.” Kaleah’s mom gasped.
“What! A boy?! But we talked to a woman…”
“Yeah it was his sister or something…oh wait, I think cousin? I don’t remember. All I know is that I am now living with a boy and we do not get along at all! Mommy…this is awful.”
“Well K, you know there are probably tons of places out there for rent. You could always just move.”
“Mom, I signed a 6-month contract, remember? I came out here to experience a different place and attend their really good art program and then come home after half of a year. I signed the contract thinking that this was going to be good…if I back out now, they can sue me for ten times the cost of my rent!”
“Oh dear…”
“And the worst part of this is that it’s literally only been 4 and a half hours since I got here and me and Sam already can’t stand each other! can I bare 6 months of this if we can’t even handle a whole day?” 

“Mom, it’s not that easy.”
“Kaleah Jayde Morgan is not a quitter and you know it. You are a brilliant artist, guitar player, and writer. You take on challenges most people wouldn’t even consider thinking about! He is your challenge. Take him on!”
“Yeah, I guess your right.”
Belinda, I need my aspirin!” Kaleah heard in the background.
“Was that dad?” She asked.
“Yeah. Look K, I have to go. Just make the best of it and remember…your father and I love you and we miss you already.”
“Love you guys too…bye mom.”    

TerribleTyTy: 6 mths? really? thats it? look dude, we have are last stage show in two days and then im cumin back home. just wait it out til i get there and then all will be good. im good wit the ladies and u know it.

Samson_Hero909: good wit the ladies? really? u couldve fooled me… =P

TerribleTyTy: ha! thx bud…appreciate that one. just…make sure she is nice and ready for me when i get back home. i want a piece of that ass…ill set her straight…no worries. but i have to go to bed, dude…i have an early rehearsal in the morn. night bro.

Samson_Hero909: kpce.


Kaleah turned towards Sam so she could make her way to the dining room.
“Excuse me.” She said abruptly. Sam didn’t step aside. Instead, he stood there staring at her. “Sam? Can I please get by?” Kaleah asked again, annoyed. All of a sudden, Sam burst out laughing. “What? What’s funny?”
“You.” Sam said in-between laughs.
“What do you mean, I’m funny? I just want to eat my oatmeal…” Kaleah didn’t understand.
You’re not funny…you look funny. Is this seriously how to look when you wake up?” Sam’s laugh started to turn into howls and his eyes started tearing up. Kaleah stood there, growing frustrated. “Bags under your eyes and a giant nest on the top of your head….” Sam said, “…and what are on your feet? Fricken foxes, they look like.” Sam continued with his obnoxious laughter. He headed towards the sink and turned on the tap.

Sam quickly dried his hands and ran after Kaleah.
“Kaleah, wait, wait, wait….please stop walking away!” He begged as she finally came to a stop.
“What do you want to say now? Are my eyebrows uneven? Or are my boobs lopsided?” Sam looked down at Kaleah’s chest. “Sam, don’t even think about it.” Kaleah said as she, once again, folded her arms across her chest.
“Sorry…” Sam said, quickly looking back up to Kaleah’s eyes. “Look Kaleah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be a jerk…”
“Oh no? So you were born with it?” Kaleah asked sarcastically. “That’s awful, Sam. Really…it is. I feel so bad for you, having a chronic being-a-jerk disorder. I’m sure some kind of doctor out there can help you…”
“Ugh, Kaleah no. I’m being serious!”
“How can you not mean to be a jerk? People can control how nice they are to people, you know.”
“I know…but…okay…here’s the thing. Promise not to laugh?”
“I don’t make promises.”
“Okay, well this is really embarrassing so try to go easy on me…” Sam took a deep breath as he prepared to tell Kaleah his explanation. 

After a long, gruelling moment of silence, Kaleah finally spoke.
“Okay, so you’ve never had a girlfriend. Big deal.” She said.
“Oh…” Sam lowered his eyebrows. “N-no….I’ve had girlfriends. But they were all close friends of mine at some point so it was easy for me to flirt and stuff. But with you…”
“Woah, hang on a minute, bud! Are you trying to say that you were trying to flirt with me?”
“NO! I mean…no. I wasn’t trying to flirt. It’s just…” Sam started to panic. “I guess…” He couldn’t think straight. “Well…” He exhaled deeply. “It’s really….not a secret that your attractive. I’m sure you know you’re attractive as well.”
“Your point, Sam?” Kaleah wondered.
“I’m bad with talking to pretty girls, even if I have no intentions of being sexual with them…” Kaleah nodded her head and peered over at the clock. She quickly gasped.
“Is that clock by any chance slow?” She asked quickly.
“No…it’s almost 8:00…why?”
“I have an art class to go to at 8:30! Oh man…I’m never going to be ready on time…”
“Art class?” Sam asked. “You paint?” Kaleah nodded.
“I paint, I write, and I play the acoustic guitar. I’m not great at the guitar yet…but I’m working on it.”
“No way! I play the electric!”
“Really? Well maybe you can teach me a few songs? Something that’s popular around Sunset Valley, perhaps?” Kaleah asked, hopefully. 

“Welcome, beginners, to your first art class! My name is Carrie Hill. Please don’t call me Mrs. Hill, teacher, Hill, Mrs or anything that makes me sound like this is high school. This is not high school. Here, you call me Carrie.” The art instructor spoke. Kaleah looked around her class. There were so many different kinds of people—old people, young people, people of different races…but mostly, the people were children. Children of merely 12 years old. Kaleah raised her hand. “Yes, dear?”
“Hi, um…I think I’m in the wrong art class. I signed up for advanced art…the college level course. Not a beginners course with children.” Kaleah spoke softly.
“Oh dear, you’re name please?” Carrie asked as she opened up her binder to her attendance sheet.
“Morgan. Kaleah Morgan.” Kaleah watched as Carrie used her pointer finger to scroll through the names.
“Well, Kaleah Morgan, you are definitely in the right class. You’re on my attendance sheet…”
“That’s impossible…I paid for a college level course—my mom signed me up for a college level course.”
“Perhaps your mother made a mistake?”
“Or perhaps you did?” Kaleah gathered her things and stood up. “Could you please just switch me out of this class and into the advanced?”
“Oh, Kaleah. I am so sorry but it’s too late to switch. You will have to take the next sessions.”
“When is that?”
“When these sessions are over….in 6 months.”
“6 months??!!”
“If you’d like a refund of your money, please call the office number on the bottom of this sheet.” Carrie handed Kaleah a sheet full of information. “So sorry it didn’t work out.”
Kaleah turned and walked out of the classroom. ‘Wow…now I’m stuck here for 6 months with no reason to even be here.’ She thought to herself, frustrated. She walked out of the doors of the school and stood on the platform. She looked around at the downtown area to find something to do. She saw a beautiful park across the street from the school and decided to head over there. 

Kaleah ate alone outside. ‘This is the fanciest bistro I’ve ever been to.’ She thought as she brought her food to the patio. After she ate, she walked around downtown for the entire day, looking at stores and talking to clerks. She spent over two and a half hours in the bookstore reading synopsis’ and learning about upcoming readings from her favourite authors. She discovered the theatre, and saw a romantic comedy about two people who were in love with each other but never told the other and ended up marrying someone who wasn’t their soul mates. She went to the art museum and the library, and spent some time walking through the graveyard to learn about the people who used to live in Sunset Valley and her last stop, which was at around 7:30 PM, was the beach.  

“Hi there.” Kaleah said as she approached him. She put out her hand to shake his.
“Hi,” the boy said as he returned her gesture. “What were you doing down there? You must be crazy…” He shook his head in disbelief.
“What do you mean? Is this beach a private beach or something?” Kaleah asked worriedly.
“No…it’s public. You must be new here or something.” The boy assumed.
“Yeah, my name is Kaleah Morgan. I just moved here yesterday from Iron Horse, California.” She said as she noticed the boy’s eyes grow wider.
“Oh! You’re Sam’s new roommate!” He said excitedly.
“Yeah…” Kaleah gave him a confused look. “How do you know Sam Fairchild?”
“I’m Liam Fairchild….his cousin.” Liam smiled at Kaleah and then looked past her when he noticed someone approaching them. “Oh god…” He said.
“What?” Kaleah turned to look at who he was referring to. “It’s just an officer…big deal.” She said, turning back to him.
“That’s not just an officer…”
“Hey! What are you guys doing down here?” The officer hollered, gaining speed.
“That’s Hank…I’ve got to go. I’m past curfew again and he’s going to nail me for sure! Good luck!” Liam quickly took off running into the paths. Kaleah gulped as she turned towards the officer. 

“Yeah, but it’s alright if you’re new here. I’ll let it pass. But next time I see you down there, I’ll have no choice but you ticket you.” Hank said, jokingly. “So where are you from?”
“Iron Horse…it’s a really small town in north-western California. No where fancy.”
“I actually think I’ve been there before…Iron Horse is the population of most public schools, right?” Kaleah giggled.
“Yeah, that’d be the one.”

The two continued talking. They talked about things like they’re favourite colors and what there is to do in Sunset Valley and the types of stories Kaleah liked to write. They talked….

And they kept on talking for what seemed like hours. All of a sudden, Kaleah noticed the watch on Hank’s wrist. She quickly grabbed his hand to take a look at it. It read 10:35
“Oh my gosh! Is that seriously the time?” She asked in a panic. “I’m over an hour and a half late! I’m so sorry, Hank, but I really have to go.”
“Oh it’s alright. I’ll give you a call sometime…when you don’t have a curfew.” He giggled. “I hope to see you again soon Kaleah. And welcome to Sunset Valley.”

Kaleah thanked him and made her way back home. She went down one path that led to a dead end. Her car was parked back at the school, but she forgot which way to go. She looked back to see if Hank was still around, but he was long gone. ‘Great,’ she thought, ‘This will be fun…’


“You’re lying…” Sam finally said.
“No, Samson, I’m not! I’m serious…”
“You always were a drama queen. Get home and get to bed, kid, before Hank sees you!”
“You don’t believe me?”
“No. Not in the least bit.”
“Because nothing truthful ever comes out of your mouth! Now seriously, beat it! I have something planned with Kaleah and I’m in the middle of setting it up all nice, so please, go home.”
“You guys planned something for this late on a Tuesday night?” Liam smirked.
“We planned it for just after nine, when I got off work. Kaleah’s class probably ran late or she’s lost and trying to find her way home or something.”
“Or she’s with Hank…” Liam said, cockily.
“Bye, Liam!” Sam rolled his eyes and went back into the house. 

Sam waited, thinking patiently to himself. Time went by and he was growing really bored. He looked down at his watch again and noticed a whole hour went by. He shook his head, poured out the glasses of wine he poured, packed up his electric guitar and headed downstairs to his room. ‘She’s definitely with Hank…’ He thought to himself. He didn’t like this idea. In fact, he hated it. He was angry about it. He wanted to smack Hank in the face and as he pulled his jeans off and his pajamas on, he decided he was going to wait up for her to find out exactly what went on.

Another half an hour went by when he finally saw her walking towards the front deck. Sam got excited, nervous, and even angrier all at the same time. He stood up and moved closer to the door.  

Sam let go.
“God! What’s the matter with you?!” Kaleah screamed as she rubbed her arm where Sam held it.
“If you even so much as think about Hank ever again, then you and I will never have anything else to say to each other ever again.” Sam yelled.
Kaleah looked over her should at Sam, surprised at what he just said. She cleared her throat and softly responded,
“Well then…I guess…we no longer have anything to say to each other ever again. And I never say forever.”
“Good.” Sam stormed off to the stair case and headed down to his room. Kaleah stood in the foyer, wondering what the hell just happened. She heard Sam vigorously slam his bedroom door shut.

“Um…” Sam grew really confused.
“Hello? Um is not an answer. Is she or is she not home?” Kaleah began to look around the entry way of the house. It connected to the kitchen and the living room. “Interesting…this place smells like stale beer,” she said quietly. She peered over her shoulder at the boy she found so strange once she heard him start to laugh to himself. “What’s funny?” she turned and asked. 


“You’re telling me that I just signed and paid for a 6-month contract to live with you?” Kaleah was starting to get angry.
“Um, yes? What made you think that a girl lived here?” Sam asked as he put his hands on his hips.
“I spoke to a woman on the phone! She was the person who answered my call when I responded to her ad and she was the one who faxed me over the contract.”
“Oh…” Sam started to laugh to himself. “You got it all mixed up. That was my cousin. She was helping my mom out to find me a roommate. Yeah…my mom thinks that I’m going to go bankrupted trying to afford this place on my own. I didn’t want a roommate, but she insisted.”  

“Great.” She said, with a sarcastic smile. “This is just fan-freaking-tastic.”
“I don’t understand what the big deal is…” Sam said defensively. He quickly peered down at his watch, which read 11:45. Kaleah changed her sarcastic smile to a real smile.
“Do you know what, it’s not a big deal. It’s a very temporary living situation and I can handle this. Just don’t step on my feet and I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

“Did you even hear a word that I said?”
“What are you doing, then?”
“Observing.” Sam sighed, knowing that whatever he just said was not going to stick with her.
“Women…” He said as he began to walk back towards the front door. As soon as Sam said that, Kaleah snapped out of her trance.


 “I asked you a question…” Kaleah slowly walked closer to Sam. Sam half turned to face her. “And when I ask someone a question, I usually expect an answer…”
“A-a-all w-what I’m try-trying to say i-i-is…” Sam stumbled upon the words, and swallowed a hard lump in his throat. Kaleah started tapping her foot.
“I’m waiting…” She said, impatiently. Sam finally found the words he was looking for.
“All what I’m trying to say is I know what you’re thinking and women are very strong minded and don’t like to be told what to do. I just don’t want you to move my house around, that’s all…”

“I said you can do whatever you want to the upstairs rooms…hell, put out pretty flowers and pot lights on the upstairs balcony for all I care. But as for the rest of the house, leave it alone!” Sam said firmly. Kaleah watched angrily as Sam got into his truck. 

‘Ah, this is more like it,’ she thought as she walked into her neatly decorated, feminized bedroom. She plopped down on the bed and fell deep into her thoughts. ‘This Sam guy is going to be a lot harder to get along with than I thought…I can’t believe I was tricked into thinking that my roommate was a girl! Ugh…boys are disgusting, and now I have to live with one? I never lived with a boy before…well…besides my dad.”


‘Once everything is done, he’d be too lazy to change it back to the way it was…time to get to work.’ Kaleah rushed to her closet to change into something more comfortable and went down to her car to get her furniture out of storage.

Hours went by and Kaleah was hard at work. She moved the furniture from the dining room, which was currently Sam’s office, and moved it into the back hallway. She put her old dining room set into the dining room. She went downstairs to the family room, in which there was only one lonely foosball table, and set up her old entertainment center and couches. Going back upstairs she set up plants and pictures to open the house up a bit and her last project was the upstairs living room.


‘My god, what a work out. This place feels so much more like home. I think a nice relaxing sun bath is in order now…’  Kaleah headed back upstairs to change into her bikini. Once changed, she headed outside to the hammock and fell asleep in the hot sun.

Time flew by, and it wasn’t long until Sam got home from work. He was excited to get home, kick back on the couch, and play his video games for the rest of the night without caring about anything. However, when he walked through that front door…no such luck.

‘Who the hell puts three paintings of the almost exact same thing up on the wall? That’s not art…that’s ugly!’ He told himself as he turned towards the newly installed bookshelf. 


'A mirror? In the middle of the living room? What the hell...' Sam grew irritated. "KALEAH?!?!" He hollered. There was no response. "Kaleah, I know you're home, your car is outside!" He hollered again. Once more, there was no response. He ran up to her bedroom.

“This room is seriously girly…disgusting.” He turned and left the room when he realized she wasn’t inside. He went to the room across the hall.  

‘Oh…my…god…she’s dead!” He instantly turned back around and bolted up the stairs. By this point, he knew exactly where she'd be. 


Sam was about to get in her face and yell at her…tell her to move out, even. But quickly, he calmed down.
“Do you know what,” He began, “It’s not even worth it.” He started to walk away. Kaleah realized the reason why he came out here.
“Do you think it looks good, at least?” She asked, causing Sam to stop in his path.
“What?” He asked.
“The furniture. It looks a lot better than that tacky old stuff you had. Like that disgusting red and white striped couch upstairs? I took the liberty of taking that to the dump for you. You can thank me later.” Kaleah began to sit back down on the hammock, until Sam turned back around and marched back towards her.
“YOU WHAT?!” He screamed. 

“THAT COUCH BELONGED TO ME! IT WAS MY FAVORITE PART ABOUT THIS ENTIRE HOUSE!” He yelled even louder. Kaleah grew scared of him.
“Woah there, boy.  Calm down for just a second. I didn’t know it meant that much to you.” She said apologetically.
“Well Kaleah…it did.”
”Ha!” He blurted. “Like I’d tell you!”
“Well why not?”
“You don’t me, you won’t ever get the chance to know me, and as soon as your contract is up, I will never have to see you again!”
“Sam! I’m sorry!”
“Oh you’re sorry?” Sam giggled. “Well that’s awesome, because that really solves nothing, now, doesn’t it? Is a sorry going to get my couch back?” Kaleah shook her head. “That’s what I thought. You can shove that useless sorry right up your ass!”  

‘Thank god.’ Kaleah thought as she read the word Mom on her call display. Kaleah quickly answered.
“Mom? ….. Hi, I’m good ….yeah I’m all moved in and settled, thanks. Listen …. Hey mom, can you listen for a second? …. I just wanted to say thank you for coming out here yesterday to make sure my room was all set up for me when I arrived. It was nice knowing I didn't have to unpack and set up my bedroom….”


“Sweetheart, listen. You are one of the most popular girls here in Iron Horse! Everybody loves you and every boy wants to be with you! You handled high school like it was nothing, was valedictorian of your class, and could get through anything! You are the most confident girl that I know and if you can handle the entire population of your hometown, I’m sure you can handle a single man over there in Sunset Valley. Just give it time, sweetie. And you know it takes two to tango. Be the bigger person.”


Samson_Hero909: she’s a witch! cum home now ty!

TerribleTyTy: im sure shes not as bad as you think. shes hawt, rite?

Samson_Hero909: lol ya but her personality is seriously corrupting my fantasies

TerribleTyTy: got any pics yet?

Samson_Hero909: ur sick.

TerribleTyTy: >.<

Samson_Hero909: what am i supposed to do? shes completely redecorated my entire house…even my basement which is literally my domain! she argues with me, shes rude and she acts like she owns the place. i don’t think i can take 6 mths of this.

The next morning, Kaleah woke up and headed downstairs to get something to eat for breakfast. She knew she wasn’t supposed to touch the kitchen, but Sam never went over the ground rules with her yesterday and she was starving.

*clink* *clank* ‘What the hell…’  Sam got woken up by the sounds of Kaleah digging through the refrigerator. He went upstairs to see what was going on.
“Um…good morning.” Sam said softly.
“Morning.” Kaleah responded, without even looking up.
“How did you sleep?”
“I thought…um, sorry…but I thought I told you not to touch the kitchen until we went through the ground rules of it.” Sam was trying to be polite. Kaleah, however, did not interpret his attempt at a civil conversation.
“Um so…you went to bed last night super early and didn’t come out to talk to me about it! That idiotic brain of yours left me starving all night. I couldn’t handle it this morning anymore…I need food.” Kaleah snapped as she finally found something and slammed the refrigerator door.  

“They’re called Mukluks! And they’re not made out of real fur…” Kaleah called at him, defensively.
“Whatever. Like I care.” Sam responded, finally calming down. Kaleah marched over to him, threw her bowl down on the counter and said,
“What is your problem, Sam? Seriously. Do you try to be a jerk or are you just unfortunately born that way? All what I am trying to do is have a freaking bowl of freaking oatmeal in peace!” She folded her arms across her chest and began to stomp away, not even waiting for a response from Sam. 

“I’m not good with women. It’s basically a hereditary thing. My dad gets really awkward when he talks to women, and so do I. My mom actually asked my dad out and she was the one who proposed to him. When I’m around women, I say things and do things that I really don’t mean. I mean, I can be around women that I’ve known for quite a while and be fine, but I can ever go up to a stranger and start flirting. I’m awful at it and usually just start saying hurtful things that I really don’t mean.” Sam watched the blank expression spread across Kaleah’s face. ‘Oh no,’ he thought, ‘Now she really thinks I’m a freak.’ 


“Well, I’m not the greatest at the guitar either so I wouldn’t be of much help. Still getting into my funk, so to speak.” Sam giggled.
“Oh…well maybe we can jam sometime and help each other out?” Kaleah asked. A smile quickly formed across Sam’s face. “In a totally professional way….” She clarified.
“Oh…yeah…sure. How does tonight sound? I’m off work at 9…” Sam said.
“Sounds great! But I really have to go now. Talk to you later!”

Kaleah got ready to go to her first art class, happy to know that she and Sam were finally making some progress. With the civil conversation they finally had, Kaleah was actually excited to spend some time with him. She wanted a friend…she needed a friend...more than anything right now. As excited as she was to be living in such a great town, the weight of loneliness was really starting to get to her.


Kaleah went and sat by the fountain. Looking around, she noticed the beautiful buildings and landscaping of the park. ‘I wish I had a camera. This stuff would make for perfect photography.’ Kaleah sighed as she looked up into the sky. She was really upset that she couldn’t take her painting courses. She was stuck in an unfamiliar town that she didn’t want to live in any longer. ‘What is there to even do in this town?’ Just then, Kaleah’s stomach growled. She forgot about how hungry she was and the argument she had with Sam interrupted her breakfast. She walked up to the first person she could find.

“Hi there. I’m new to this town and I’m just wondering where the closest bistro or café would be?” She asked the man. The man was pretty old, and looked like he wanted to be left alone. He pointed behind her.
“That’s a bistro.” He said, before continuing on his way. Kaleah turned around to look and just as she turned back to thank the man, he was long gone.


“Beautiful…” Kaleah said out loud to herself. She could see the islands in the distance and the Landgraab mansion across the bay. ‘I think I read about the Landgraabs…’ She thought to herself, ‘They like…own all of Sunset Valley.’ Kaleah stretched and gazed out into the ocean. She thought about pelicans and if they could talk to each other in their own way. She thought about bringing her easel down here someday and painting the scenery. She looked around and thought about why she was the only person on the beach. Time flew by, when all of a sudden, she heard a boy’s voice in the distance.
“Hello?? Miss? What are you doing down there?” Kaleah jumped at the startling voice and looked around. She saw a teenage boy standing on the promenade calling over the railing. She began to walk towards him.


“What in the hell are you guys….” Hank stopped himself once he could catch sight of Kaleah’s face. “Oh…well hello there miss. You must be new here…I don’t recognize you. I’m Officer Peloin, but you can call me Hank.” He shook her hand.
“I’m Kaleah Morgan, and yeah…I just moved in yesterday.”
“Oh. So what brings you to Sunset Valley?”
“I’m only living here temporarily. I came here to attend a 6 month class, but it turns out that it’s not going to work out. Now I’m stuck here for a little while.” Hank laughed.
“It’s not that bad.” He said. “The people here are really great.”
“Really? Because so far, I haven’t been able to get along with my roommate, I had a run-in with a grumpy old man, my art teacher was a psycho, and I had a boy yell at me for being on the beach.” Kaleah and Hank laughed together.
“Well, that was Liam and he was right to warn you. Strict Sunset Valley laws state that no one is allowed on the beaches after the sunset. We have had too many people go missing at night down there and we don’t want to risk losing anymore.”
“Oh wow.”


And they talked….


Meanwhile, back at the house, Sam got a surprise visit from his very out-of-breath kid cousin.
“Liam? W…” He looked down at his watch. “Liam, it is ten thirty! What are you doing here? You’re curfew’s nine!” He waited for a response while Liam caught his breath.
“Yeah, I know. But it’s okay because Hank is distracted.”
“By your roommate.”
“Ha! Impossible. Kaleah would never even have the heart to speak to that guy.” Sam laughed.
“Seriously, Samson! I saw her down on the beach and I called her over to warn her about the law and Hank swooped in before I even got the chance to warn her about him. He didn’t even come after me and I’ve been running for miles!”  Sam stood there, staring.

Sam went and sat on the chair in the living room to wait for Kaleah. ‘It is kind of weird…’ he thought, ‘She should be home by now. Kaleah is waaayyy out of his league, so why would she even so much as talk to that sorry ass? God…these chairs are seriously uncomfortable!’ Sam looked down at his watch.


He sat in the nook at the front window, staring outside. People walked by and each and every time they did, Sam perked up thinking it was Kaleah. But, he had no such luck. 

Kaleah opened the door very slowly, trying to be as quiet as she could be. When she closed the door behind her and turned out, she jumped at the sight of Sam.
“Oh my gosh, Sam!” She started to laugh as she clenched her fist to her chest. “You scared the heck out of me! What are you doing just standing there?” She asked.
“What are you doing out in a strange town from 8 in the morning yesterday until 12 in the morning today?” Kaleah could tell that Sam was angry. She felt badly, because her first instinct was that he was upset that she missed their jam session. She looked over at the kitchen and noticed two empty wine glasses on the counter. That made Kaleah feel a lot better.
“Oh, Sam. I’m sorry. I know I missed our jam session. I got…distracted. But I can see you weren’t too lonely!” She smiled and pointed to the wine glasses.
“Those were for us. I poured them out half an hour ago.”
“You waited for me for two hours?” Sam nodded his head. “Why?”
“Because we had plans. If I would’ve known you were out with Hank this whole time, I wouldn’t have wasted my time.”
“Hank? Wait…what? How did you know we were hanging out?”
“My cousin told me he saw you two together.”
“Oh…well yeah, I met him on the promenade. We weren’t together the whole time I was out, though…he’s really nice. You guys are lucky to have such great cops here!” Sam’s face grew hot and he got even more frustrated.
“Never see Hank Peloin again!” He hollered.
“Excuse me?” Kaleah hollered back. “Who the hell are you to tell me I’m not allowed to see someone? I like Hank!”
“He’s bad news…”
“Maybe for you! He was really sweet and nice to me and him and I get along great! If you don’t like him, then that’s your business not mine!” Kaleah tried to walk past him to the kitchen, but he grabbed her arm to stop her.
“Sam!?!” Kaleah pulled on her arm. 

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