Never Say Forever

Later that evening, Kaleah heard Sam finally come inside. She hesitated to follow him to the basement, but eventually gave in after half an hour of thinking about it.
“Sam…” Kaleah said as she came down the stairs. “I think we should talk.”
“I think that we shouldn’t.” Sam said. There was a pain in his voice that Kaleah winced at. She knew what it felt like to be hurt like that, and she felt awful that he was going through it. 
“Well it doesn’t matter what you think, because we’re talking anyway.” Kaleah said, bluntly, as she went to sit down on the couch beside him. 

“You never called…” Kaleah began. “…or texted me like you had promised.”
“Kaleah, you have no idea what I’ve been through the past few weeks!” Sam said, snappily.
“And what about me? Did you not even think that I would be completely mortified by this? I’m lucky to even be alive, with the way I felt!” Kaleah retaliated.
“Well I’m sorry to have inconvenienced you….” Sam said. He took a deep breath before continuing. “…it wasn’t my fault, actually.” He said, softly.
“What, your dog ate your phone?” Kaleah asked, sarcastically.
“I’m serious…”
“There is no way in hell that this was anybody else’s fault, Sam!”
“Brianne…she has literally gone crazy! It was her fault that I couldn’t contact you…” Kaleah grew interested, but wasn’t buying it.
“Go on…” She said, suspiciously. 

“When we crossed the border, it was like we hit the twilight zone…” Sam began. “She went from sweet, powerful Brianne to this crazy, power hungry witch! When we pulled into the first motel, I told her to go to the room and I would be there in a minute. She asked me why I was going to take another minute, and it all started from there….” Sam stared at the ground, remembering the event. 

“I fell asleep before she did that night, and when I woke up the next morning, everything was messed up. My cell phone was no where to be found and my truck was completely dead. We ended up having to stay at the motel for a few extra nights, before Brianne came up with the idea to just hitch hike to Boston. It took two weeks to get there, and she literally wouldn’t let me out of her sight. When I showered, she sat on the toilet and waited, reading a book or a magazine. When I had to use the washroom, she would pretend that she needed to fix her hair or makeup so she was right there, standing beside me. She snipped the wire of every telephone in every motel we stayed in so I couldn’t use it and always made sure there was no computer services at the motel’s we stayed in. It was awful, Kaleah! It was like she was trying to desperately keep me away from you.” Sam shook his head and closed his eyes tight, as if he was trying to keep himself from crying. 

Kaleah stood up, and Sam quickly joined her.
“Where are you going?” He asked, worriedly.
“I’m sorry, Sam. But I don’t believe that…that’s like a story straight out of a horror film. What happened after that? Did a serial killer come after you two at some run-down motel? Was the clerk some greasy truck-driver who had mysterious cuts all over his face and was chewing on tobacco when you tried to check in?” Kaleah asked sarcastically.
“What? Kaleah, how can you not believe me?” Sam was confused.
“Because that is seriously the weirdest story I ever heard…and Sam…there are holes in your story! How did you get back here? How did you manage to go through all of that, get to Boston, clear your head, and be back here in exactly three weeks?” 

“I didn’t even need the time to clear my head! Once we finally made it to Boston, I got on the first plane that came back here! It was so clear to me by then that it’s you who I really want!” Sam hollered.
“Only because Brianne turned crazy, suddenly!” Kaleah hollered back.
“No! Kaleah, it was always you! Brianne was just there clouding my mind!”
“Well, Sam, you’re too late! I’m with someone now! Someone who I didn’t have to fight for! Someone who wants me, all of me, and appreciates me for who I am! Someone who knows how to keep calm and is completely rational even in the worst of situations!” Sam picked up his hoodie from the chair he was sitting in and put in on.
“Well have fun with him then.” He said before turning around to walk to his room. 

Kaleah let her head fall into her hands as she let out a huge sigh.
“YOU KNOW, TYRELL WOULDN’T WALK AWAY FROM ME!” She called after Sam before he closed his bedroom door.   

 Kaleah felt like crying. Sure, she had an amazing guy now, but Sam was like her best friend in the world. ‘Did I just make a decision only to have lost Sam forever? Why does everything have to be so complicated all the fricken time?’ Kaleah asked herself before slowly turning to the stairs. 

The next morning, Tyrell was waiting outside of Kaleah’s house, like he had promised the night before. It was around 11 o’clock in the morning, and Kaleah had barely slept. When she saw the attractive green Charger waiting for her on the street, she finally felt at ease. She felt safe again, like her emotions would now be protected. She smiled as she approached the car. 

“You have no idea how glad I am to see you!” She said as she got in and buckled her seat belt.
“Glad you still feel that way about me.” Tyrell teased before putting the car into drive and speeding off. Kaleah turned to look at him. Tyrell was all dressed up in semi-fancy clothes. She studied his outfit and then turned her attention to her sweat pants and tube top.
“Am I underdressed?” She asked, confused.
“What do you mean?” Tyrell giggled. “We’re only going to get your car…”
“Yeah, but you’re all dressed up…” Kaleah smiled.
“Want to go grab some lunch?” Tyrell asked, ignoring her compliment.
“So I am underdressed…” Kaleah sighed.
“No, no. We’re not going anywhere fancy. Trust me…just tell me you’ll come for lunch and I promise I’ll explain everything.”
“Okay, fine. But you’re paying!” Kaleah giggled.
“Naturally.” Tyrell stuck his tongue out before turning up the radio. He tapped his thumb on the steering wheel as he listened to the song. 

When they got seated at the restaurant, they barely spoke as they waited for their food. Kaleah ordered Shawarma, and Tyrell just wanted a piece of Key Lime Pie. Once their food arrived, Tyrell quickly dug in. Kaleah could barely even play with her meal.
“Tyrell…” Kaleah said slowly. Tyrell looked up at his date and realized she wasn’t eating.
“Kaleah…are you not hungry?” He asked, confused.
“No, I’m starving.” She stuck her fork into her food and took a quick bite. “But you promised you’d explain.”
“Yes, I remember.”
“Well then…explain. Or…or I’ll starve myself.” Kaleah joked. Tyrell took one last bite and wiped his mouth with his napkin. He took his time chewing. 

“I talked to your landlord today.” He said, barely able to look at Kaleah in the eyes.
“You what? Why!” Kaleah was confused.
“Before you get all mad at me, please just listen to everything I have to say.” Tyrell quickly glanced up at Kaleah’s glaring eyes. She nodded in agreement. “I talked to Jocasta this morning…that’s why I’m so dressed up. I called her last night on my home from your house to set up the meeting.”
“Okay…so why did you need to meet with her?”
“You seemed so upset last night about Sam being back and I knew that you living with that man would be hard on you.”
“Yes, but trying to convince Jocasta to terminate my lease and let me go back home is even harder…borderline impossible, actually.”
“Well then call me Clark Kent, because I achieved the impossible.” Kaleah stared at Tyrell in shock. She didn’t know what to feel—happy, sad, mad, excited. Leaving Sunset Valley meant leaving him…and she didn’t want that. 

“Tyrell…” She said softly. “That is something you should have discussed with me first. As much as I miss Iron Horse, I know I will be going back in November. I think I want to stay here…because who knows if I’ll ever be back!” Tyrell looked up at her with a blank expression.
“You really would think that I’d convince Jocasta to let you go all the way back to California? That would be ridiculous…there is no way I would allow you to leave.”
“What? You just said….”
“I know what I said. I convinced Jocasta to terminate your lease…but there was a condition.”
“Go on…”
“She doesn’t want to destroy your contract, so instead of just terminating the lease, she agreed to let you switch it over to a different home. It must be one of her homes, though, which isn’t that big of a deal as she owns just about every property in this town.”
“So I can leave Sam’s house?” Kaleah, once again, didn’t know what to feel. She defaulted to smiling…it was easy enough.
“Yes, you can.” Tyrell mirrored her smile, feeling relieved that she seemed to appreciate his idea rather than get mad at it. “You can look at all of her homes online and choose one by Wednesday. She’ll give you until next weekend to pack up and move in.” 

Kaleah jumped up and squealed. Tyrell stood up as he saw her always sprinting in his direction. She wrapped her arms around Tyrell’s brawny neck and jumped into his arms.
“Thank you, baby.” She whispered in his ear. Tyrell laughed.
“You have no idea how much you are welcome.” He whispered back, letting Kaleah back onto her feet. 

She leaned in to kiss him, still unaware of what to fully think of the situation. Faking excitement felt like the right thing to do until she figured it out.
“So you do have a problem with me living with him then?” Kaleah teased as she pulled her lips away from his.
“Slightly.” Tyrell teased back, before leaning in to give her one more kiss. “If my Angel is going to live with any man, that man is going to be me.” 

“So how did you manage to convince that witch to let me switch over my lease?” Kalaeah asked as Tyrell paid the bill and lead the way towards the parking lot.
“It turns out that Jocasta has a daughter who has been begging and begging to get guitar lessons from me. I told Jocasta that I will do a month’s worth of free guitar lessons if she made this deal with me.” Tyrell laughed before fishing his car keys out of his pocket. 

Kaleah followed slowly behind. ‘Oh no…’ She thought as she started thinking about moving out. ‘What have I just agreed to?’ Her fake excitement turned into very real regret as she reluctantly hauled herself into Tyrell’s Charger and watched out the window as they drove away.

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