Never Say Forever


Alright guys, so here is the deal: for those of you who were following my Wayne-Wright Family, I am so sorry to disappoint you in saying that there was the move out glitch with them and now everytime I play them, my game crashes. So, with that being said, I decided to start something new. A story =) The first chapter is almost finished, but before I begin creating it, I thought it would be a good idea to give my characters a little introduction. 


This is Kaleah Morgan. She recently just moved to Sunset Valley from her hometown in California. She lived in a very small town, not anywhere close to the big city of LA, named Iron Horse with a population of just over 300 people. Kaleah is an aspiring artist. She likes painting, writing, and music. As a small town girl, Kaleah always dreamed big and she knew she wouldn't be able to get very far in her hometown. After high school, when looking for a living accomodation in LA, she noticed that LA is not the greatest city for artists such as herself.

"You go to LA as one person and you leave LA as someone totally different," her mother would tell her, "Los Angeles is not the place for a brilliant mind like yours."

As much as Kaleah  didn't want to agree with her mother, she knew that LA was more for aspiring actresses or producers rather than a painter who likes to play an acoustic guitar alone with a paintbrush and an easel. She looked into many, many other cities but no where seemed suitable for her dreams. Then, one day, while out for coffee with one of her high school friends, Kaleah learned about Sunset Valley.

"It's got a great art program at the local school," her friend Olivia said, "My mother wanted to go there, but she knew she couldn't afford it with me and my brothers. It's not a huge city, but it's better then this place."

"How am I supposed to move to a whole separate country by myself with no real intentions of getting a job into a town where I literally know nobody?" Kaleah worried.


This is Sam Fairchild. He was born and raised in Sunset Valley and has always aspired to make it big in the Music industry. He's pretty lazy, meaning he hasn't got fair in to his dream quite yet but he's slowly getting there. To pay the bills, Sam has a part time job has a cashier at the local grocery store. 

"Just try it out. Everybody loves you here, and I'm sure everybody will love you in Sunset Valley. But if I could recommend one thing, it would be to rent a place with a firm contract. My ex boyfriend used to live in Sunset Valley and if you don't sign a contract, landlords \ can kick you out whenever you want without your month's rent back, even if it's the day after rent is due."

With that being said, Kaleah packed her bags and headed to the airport to start her new life in Sunset Valley. With a place already set up and a roommate Kaleah can't wait to meet, she is excited to see where her life will take her.


He has one close friend named Tyler who is constantly out of town with his band so Sam doesn't get to see him very much. Sam is quirky, and awkward when it comes to women so he's single, and has been, for quite a long time.

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